Rude Customer Service

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  • Yizuman

    Can anyone relate to this?


  • Happy


    Hilarious comic Yizuman. Reminds me of the *happy* wal-mart greeters. haha

  • musky

    " customer" service..

    I can't say that comp usa has done anything to me. Best buy is a place I will never ever ever set foot in again. That store carries my "record for worst customer service ever"

    Just had one at Blockbuster. cocky attitude from worker there. I almost tossed the video at him and walked out!

    How about when you check out someplace and the cashier says not one word. Not hello, good afternoon, thank you, nothing. One time I just stared at the cashier until fiinnaallyy she said something.

    Rude customer service is becomming more and more frequent I think. Either that, or I just get more bothered by it then I used to.

  • Aztec

    Gawd the worst customer service I've ever gotten is from a cashier who wouldn't get off the phone. Not even to say "hello" or "here is your change"!

    Cashier:"No he didn't!" Me:"Umm hi?"Cashier:"What a jerk!" Me after having received change:"Have a nice day!" Cashier:"Screw that bastard!" LOL


  • meadow77

    I think there is a special place in hell for rude customer service reps. I have been in CS most of my life, and it reallllllllyy irritates me when people are rude to me or treat me like I am interupting them. I think one of the worst experiences I have ever had was at David's Bridal. After arguing with the manager for like an hour because they overcharged me on a dress, I finally asked her to give me a number where I could speak to someone above her. I was so mad, and we were just going around and around not getting anywhere. Anyway at first she refused to give me to anyone else. Then she gave me the number and said, "well, I guess you can call them, if you have some time you want to waste" She was a manager probably in her forties. I couldn't even believe she said that. I mean being in customer service, I have had all kinds of "fun" experiences with customers, but I would never dream of having said anything like that to someone. OOOHHH Meadow of the hates recieving bad CS class.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    I enjoy lurking at these two sites.

    For retail workers. This place shows how mean and unreasonable customers can be to retail workers.

    Then, there's this is where customers can write to companies on how mean and unreasonable the customer service reps can be.

    Some of the posts and letters on each are just hilarious and shows how life is on both sides of the counter.

  • pr_capone

    LOL, good cartoon!

  • Scarlet

    LOL that is hillarious it is so true

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