Apostates' Night Out

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  • Gopher

    Hey all,

    I just got home from the very first Minnesota Evil Apostates Night (MEAN). We wonder if similar apostate nights out have been held elsewhere.

    We daringly held this mini-convention (8 in attendance) at A Smoky Bar somewhere in Minneapolis. (Due to it being at a secret location, Fredhall was unable to break it up.) A Smoky Bar was filled with young patrons, many with odd-colored hair and rings and piercings in many places on their body. This was the perfect setting for such a clandestine meeting.

    An amazing string of events brought us together.

    It all started when Perfectpie (he of the 7-year Bethel stint) had Hannibal over at his house, to log on to the computer. (Mrs. Hannibal is still a devout JW, and may not have tolerated Hannibal's long visit to the website you are now viewing.) One or both of these gentlemen knew Peaceloveharmony during her JW life. She was spotted on J-w.com. Peaceloveharmony recently had met Gopher who just started posting here, and asked the gentlemen if they knew Gopher. Hannibal, by chance, has known Gopher at least 10 years.

    Hannibal and Gopher decided to get together and to invite Harmony. Hannibal and Perfectpie invited "Can't Get On Forum Yet". The 3 of them together with Gopher travelled to A Smoky Bar in South Minneapolis, arriving promptly at 6:30 for the start of the convention. No kingdom songs were sung.

    Shortly thereafter, Harmony's best friend "A Nubile Young Inactive JW" sashayed up to our table and joined the evil proceeedings. Pitcher after pitcher of beer kept the discussion going later into the evening.

    Finally after gentle persuasion on the telephone, Harmony's other friends "Firm JW Believer" and "Firm JW Believer's boy friend" joined the earlier attendees. They regaled us with how true the beliefs of JW's are, between puffs on their cigarettes. It was unbelievable.

    As the brew kept going, the conversation about sex, religion, and gods and goddesses kept going until nearly the midnight hour.

    We also learned that Perfectpie and Hannibal both know Openminded, who lived too far away to join us for our Evil Apostates Night. Hannibal will be seeing Openminded shortly, but with a whole new outlook!

    The conversation stayed calm and gentle (yeah, right) up until the very end. But still we all walked away friends.

    Freedom rules! The MEAN meeting was a large success. We know many of you were there in spirit, including MOMMY and Prisca. We wish all of you could have been there. You would not have believed it. Other attendees will (below) add their unique insights as to what happened Thursday night.


  • TR


    I was the guitar player in the band with the mustache under his bottom lip instead of above the upper one. Was wearing my little round shades, probably didn't recognize me. I don't know how you guys conversed, what with the blaring heavy metal and all.

    You guys didn't notice, probably because of the table dancing, but as I was pounding the last power chord of the song "Thumper", I broke my E string, and it whipped Fred Hall in the face. He was rushed to emergency where he received 40 stitches on his cheek. He was one of my best fans, and what a slam dancer! He was so cute. Should've seen him, all dressed up in button up short sleeve with a knit vest. The polyester pants sure do resist beer stains! I thought at first he found out about the meeting, and was there incognito, but the clothes gave him away. Anyway, he was having far too much fun on the dance floor. And who was that chick with him? You guys MUST have seen her. You know, the one with pierced eyeballs and the clothes made out of an iron-maiden?

    Just wanted to say I had fun. My ears are still ringing.


  • chasson

    Hi Gopher,

    We have made this kind of meeting in France too. The apostate's site
    in France is a mailing-list ( http://www.chez.com/tjliberte ), and
    you have described perfectly how we have lived during this meeting.

    For us, it is important to see us in "real life", just to see how
    "an apostate" is really an human being. We have have all of us still
    in mind the cliche of the Jw's view of an apostate, a anguish and
    greedy man, and when we were all, we have seen simple man and women,
    with their problems and story.

    This kind of informal meeting is very helpfully: There is a life
    after the Watchtower.



  • hippikon

    Its a shame most who pull away from the org just drift away. I have some freinds who left all they want to do is forget. Its like it's too painfull to remember. You can see they have big holes in there life.

    I'd love to get on the turps with you guys one day. Maybe I'll get a chance in the future.

    "But it does move"

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    I am jealous and happy for you all at the same time. I am glad your dream came true!!
    Good luck with your new friends! Here is to new beginnings.

  • IndependantSpirit

    This sounds more like a special assembly day than a convention.. you need to hype it up more, & then it'd make it to circut assembly status. When you make it out to be a really big deal, start planning for it, inviting your friends, buying new clothes and big notepads, then it would be more of a convention.. I've never been to Minneapolis, but I'd volunteer to help make sandwiches the morning of the convention, If you're gonna go big with it...

  • stephenw20


    was parking FREE?

  • Gopher

    TR, Thanks for the slammin' music! We didn't recognize you, but it was much appreciated! (BTW, thanks for your Christian concern for FH, I mean "Richard Weed".)

    Chasson, thanks for sharing your web site! So cool. Now if only I knew how to read French.....

    To the others, any time you're in Minnesota, just e-mail us. We'll give you directions to A Smoky Bar, and we may just see you on one evil Friday night. P.S. all the parking arrangements were handled in an orderly, theocratic manner. In other words, we aren't SAYING where the parking money went.


  • mommy

    That sounds Great! Of course there was a fight, always is in a smoky bar Yes I was thinking of you last night, and am glad you filled us in. How much more wicked can you get, going out on a school night and all

  • openminded

    See what happens when poeple leave the protection of the organization. They turn instantly into the most evil element of society. How can you actually have a good time knowing that any second armegeddon will strike and your entrails will be strewn by God, from Minneapolis to International Falls! Shame! Shame! Shame! Repent! Beg for life! You dont deserve to live! Oh workers of lawlessness.

    Now get of your butt. Get your hands on some mags and GET OUT IN THE FIELD SERVICE!!!!

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