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  • MuzicmanCa

    Just wanted to reply briefly to PAbrooks:

    I can appreciate what you are saying. Actually, my dad said basically the same thing when I finally told him I have no intentions of returning as an active JW; claiming for the most part that everything I expressed was simply a cry of "sour grapes". Most of the people who have responded to this posting have already stated the matter as it is; that the doubts and questions have always been there, it's only after being disfellowshipped that we are truly able to observe the WTS with absolute objectiveness. Such was the case with me. I had been openly discussing concerns since I was about 13. However, when you are not taught to think for yourself, (afterall isn't that what got Adam and Eve in trouble?) when you think of something that may vary from common thought, one automatically assumes the conflict is in THEIR head alone. So you bury it and try not to think about it too much. I was always able to be diplomatic enough with the elders though, that I could argue something without sounding like I was challenging anything. So I was able to have a good number of discussion with various elders without a thought of me being an "apostate." But now that I am df'd, I am able to consider critical information more openly. Afterall, what are they gonna do, disfellowship me? :-) It has been a year and a half now, and I am SO glad it happened. While the initial shock of the situation is one I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy, I got through it and am now able to see things in ways I had no idea I was capable of. I wouldn't call it a spiritual awakening -- Hollywood style with clouds parting and light coming from heaven with a choir of angels bursting into song, but I think it is definitley fair to say that I am being spiritually woken up.


  • emyrose

    Hey, MuzicmanCa
    Think about your disfellowshipment more seriously
    and deeply. It might haunt you in the future.
    I agree that many JW's are nice people but realize
    that they are willing to obey evil orders such as
    shunning people who disagree about certain points in belief.
    People aren't just shunned for "immoral" behavior.
    I exp. isolation for just questioning some points so much that ended up leaving and never went back. No one invited me to anything or spoke to me much at meetings. People I thought really cared about abandoned me. Most didn't even call me to learn why I stop attending meetings.
    I was so shocked I never really dealt w/ this pain unitl recently.
    May God Bless you, emyrose
    I'm from NYC too. I was in the Riverside Congregation in Manhattan.

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome to the board Emyrose,
    Just wanted to express my appreciation to all on this thread for the well thought out posts and expressions of thoughts and feelings.

  • Priest73

    guess this is old, but welcome just in case.

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