What Colour Does he Turn...

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  • onacruse

    "Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean smurf; go ye out of the midst of them; be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the LORD."

  • Scully

    SYN calls it "squeaking the ewok" not "choking the Smurf".

    Love, Scully

  • SYN

    Well Scully, in that case I guess it would turn a watery-white colour then

  • Beans

    They turn purple! This I remember from watching the show many years back, I was a major smurf fan!


  • Francois

    This whole debate about sound turns on your definition of sound.

    If you define sound as the air wiggling when the tree hits the ground, and in turn making the eardrum of a sentient being wiggle and that wiggle is transmitted to a brain for decoding, then no there is no sound if no sentient being is present.

    If you define sound merely as the air wiggling when the tree hits the ground regardless of whether or not any eardrum wiggles in response, and any brain decodes it, then yes there is a sound.


  • truthseeker1

    Sound = Vibrations transmitted through an elastic solid or a liquid or gas, with frequencies in the approximate range of 20 to 20,000 hertz, capable of being detected by human organs of hearing.

    So the key is Capable of being detected. The vibrations themselves are the sound, whether they are heard or not. So YES, Of Course!

    Sound (2) = The sensation stimulated in the organs of hearing by such vibrations in the air or other medium.

    OR it depends on the organs themselves to interpret the sounds... So NO! BOGGLE


    Sound[3] = Transmitted vibrations of any frequency.

    OH HELL, I GIVE UP, BACK TO YES. That Flip Floped more than a WT Doctrine

    So in space, Noone can hear you scream unless you put your voice box against a elastic solid and scream while someone has their ear up to that elastic solid.

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    I heard that Burt and Ernie are gay.

    So . . . does anyone know . . .is Sesame Street banned by the jws?


  • Bendrr

    It's rumored that during the Smurf Wars The Empire managed to capture one or two live smurfs. After intense interrogation and torture, the smurfs disappeared. It's possible that they were killed and dissected, however some claim that a small group of smurf military commandoes managed to liberate the prisoners. In any case, the information held by the Empire is classified top-secret and the r&f are simply told that smurfs are "demonic". Any details such as the question asked by this thread have never been revealed by the Empire or the smurfs.

    Mike. (Col. Bendrr, [classified])

  • Ed

    I heard that Burt and Ernie are gay.

    So . . . does anyone know . . .is Sesame Street banned by the jws?

    I wouldn't be surprised. Although the gay thing is largely based on rumour, Bert has admitted on a number of occasions to "doin' the pigeon", a clear bestiality reference. So who knows what sort of things they get up to...

  • TR

    Why, the smurf turns 'hovah color, the color of ignorance.


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