So I just saw my sister....

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  • LexIsFree

    So I usually get dressed for school at my job. I couldn't today so I figured I'd drive by my parent's house and ask if I could change there seeing as they live two blocks from my house. As I am pulling up to my parent's I see a familiar face. A face I haven't seen in about a year and ½. I realized it's my sister who I was super super close with. She was disfellowshipped for many years. I was in at the time. I never shunned her. She's my sister for crying out loud.

    So as I get closer, I beep my horn and wave at her. She looks, turns around, walks into my parent's house and closes the door. Even when my mom let's me come inside to change, she doesn't come down and say hello. Check on me. Ask about her neice or nephew. Nothing.

    Honestly it doesn't even hurt any more. It does make me sad to see how two people who were inseparable can't even say hello to each other any more. At this point I don't even reach out to her any more. I beleive that you have to have a bit of self respect. Self worth. And if your JW friends/family choose to ignore you, it's there lose.

    Some on this blog have asked what we would do if the Governing Body changed their stance on shunning (which after GJ Royal Commission hearing we know they won't ever). I know what I would do. I'd do nothing. I'd keep living my life. The damage has been done by this sick cult. I just hope my family will see it one day. Won't hold my breath.

  • stuckinarut2

    So sad!

    Sorry to hear that. But don't let your self esteem be ruined by the petty behaviour of others.

  • kairos

    I will likely be DF'd on Sept 11th 2015 for admitted apostasy.

    ( 9-11 )

  • LexIsFree
    Well Kairos in glad you came to your senses. Not sure if you've ever posted your story to this site but it be nice to hear about it. Keep your head up and welcome to "a life worth truly leaving" ;-)
  • DesirousOfChange

    The greatest revenge is living a happy and successful life!



  • Ding

    Very sorry to read about the shunning.

    The WT destroys natural affections.

  • poopie
    Dont blame her blame the ones giving her that advice feel sorry for her because she is hurting herself physiologically she is in bad shape
  • naazira

    Wait just to clarify- she's disfellowshipped and she's the one shunning you?

    Or are you the one out of the religion and she's back in? Do your parents uphold shunning?

  • LexIsFree


    I'm disfellowshipped. She is not. She was at one point when I was a full on JW. I never shunned her. But now the role has been reversed and she is a super uber JW. So she shuns me. And my parents shun me also. They just "let" me come in to change. No words were spoken.

  • scary21

    It just would not be the same if they only stopped shunning just because the GB said it was now, alright.

    Now if they came to know the TATT, begged for forgiveness, it would be so different, right ?

    They(GB) can take your family away, but want to give them back when they are old or sick and can no longer do their work.. It's then, when they will call off the shunning.

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