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  • Introspection

    I just wanted to point out that questioning every belief one has always held can be very unsettling psychologically speaking. I wasn't even raised to be a JW so I can only imagine the depth of the indoctrination for those who were. Please remember that too much too soon may not be a good thing, in fact it usually isn't. Of course, if you just want to vent that's a different story, and this is a public forum after all. But really, who in the hell knows it all anyway? I can see there are some very intelligent members here, but mind reading is tricky business, we don't always know what someone else needs. For that matter, I'm sure none of us wants to get preachy either.


  • patio34


    I loved your subject title! I thought to myself: now why can't I ever think of something so clever??!

    But I didn't quite get your points in the post.


  • Introspection

    Patio, some just leaving the org. may be emotionally fragile. Yes, we want them to start thinking for themselves, (actually that's another reason not to shove too much info down their throat) but tact helps.. Why not use some of those techniques we learned, some like asking questions are useful. BTW, I think the point of that is to let them come to the conclusion or atleast have a chance to PROCESS it, not to answer for them. In addition, if they ARE thinking for themselves, they may come to different conclusions. Yes, they may be wrong and not as smart as you, know diddly about logic and critical thinking, but they would be thinking for themselves. Isn't that what we want?


  • trevor


    I too like the thread title, I first heard it in the film 'A Few Good Men'
    With Jack NIcholson & Tom Cruise. It struck me at the time as a slogan
    that summed up those in the WT club.

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