Abusive Husbands

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  • Scully


    I prefer my husband pickled rather than jellied.

    Love, Scully

  • AlanF

    I teenk dat abewsive husbands should be df from jws and should be df from human sositatee. the bible say that beating you wive a df offense. the nameless one not say dis try say dat christian men ken beet they wives without df.

    I say dat nameless one and Watchtower Society fucke dup. Beat wife bad ting. Not beat wife you foocking moron! Not matter how fun!


  • RubyTuesday

    Hehe...LB...Dakota..Alan..too funny!!

  • Mary

    If you can believe it, one of our elders made the comment during the WT study a few years ago, that if a husband comes home from work in a bad mood and hits his wife, she has to forgive him as it's her "wifely duty". We were absolutely stunned that someone actually made a comment like this and after the meeting, I went up to him (there were already some sisters berating him for saying such a stupid thing), and I said "So Jeff, if I come into the Hall one day, and I'm in a bad mood and I knock your teeth down your throat, I guess you have to forgive me right?" Asshole.

    I have yet to see any brother DF'd for beating his wife or children, but I've seen alot of them promoted to eldership and beyond.

  • Knuckles

    Beat wife w/o DF? Where Jesus say that? Hey, Knuckles not even think Mosaic law say that.

    Bald statement like this show WT for cruel pedants they are. Comforter obviously on our side now. Or needs to grow 1 more brain cell, then have twice as much.

    Knuckles the Thug

  • Stephanus
    the bible don't say nothing about beating your wive being a df offense

    Show me any Bible verse which uses the phrase "... is a DF offense", Dunsscot/Comforter.

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