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  • username

    Following on from my post........

    ........"It was good that your Service Overseer asked you beforehand how many hours you were going to do. Otherwise you would have ended up doing 30 hours (unknowingly) and it would have been more embarrassing to you that you could not complete your auxiliary pioneering. Jehovah helps."


  • Zoos
    "You do know you got to do 50? This is not a campaign month."

    So much for giving from the heart. There be rools 'round here.

  • punkofnice
    Just wait until one of them discovers the TATT. That'll destroy the family. It worked a treat for me. I am now on my own...bloody sucks...hate it. I don't wanna moan but I hate my life. Hey ho, that's the price for being intelectually honest and leaving the vile cult. Be warned. Ignorance is bliss.
  • Ding
    Judging spirituality by how many hours you report on a slip of paper....
  • Vidiot

    Ding - "Judging spirituality by how many hours you report on a slip of paper..."

    Well, you have to admit, it's a lot easier (for them, anyway) than being genuinely pious, tolerant, and charitable.

    WT "spirituality" allows you to keep all of your assholishness intact, and still be looked upon favorably by your peers.

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