Time for a new Org for THE silent lambs?

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  • Simon

    I think we already have what we need:

    A group of people working to change the practices to prevent more victims

    A group of people working to support and help survivors

    Of course some / many of the people may work for both ends or they may work for just one as they feel they can.

    I think creating more and more organisations is not the way to go. Everything is already in place and there are lots of good people putting ni a lot of effort and hard work.

    All we need to do is ensure that individuals don't try to derail or redirect things for their own purposes (or that of the WTS) and I'm sure there will be no end to what can eb achieved.

  • Goshawk


    I have seen the politicians in this state put very similar measures on the ballet to divide the votes between each measure to get the desired result of neither measure getting the required votes to be enacted as a state law.

    Drawing a parallel to the above concerning your suggestion.

    IMHO to divide the resources, efforts and direction would probably be counter-productive in the long run. This is most likely what the opponents of the Silent Lambs would like to have happen as it would allow them to divide and conquer the forces of change.

    Peace be with you,


  • Lin

    I agree with Simon that we already have things in place, and each plays an important part. I think Lambsroar is coming along great, with the new counselor etc and many great people as support to victims. It takes time to build things and get people involved, and get public awareness so victims can be helped. But I think things are coming along quite nicely.

  • pettygrudger

    I'm probably really outaline here, but isn't there a way to "semi-merge" Lambsroar with SIlentLambs

    (i.e. SilentLambs as the organization bent on changing WT policy & holding the organization accountable for same & Lambsroar as an "outreach" forum designed to help newly discovered Lambs realize they aren't alone & find some comfort in discussions & perhaps some on-line counseling.

    This seems to be the direction both organizations are headed, and for the life of me I cannot see how Bill cannot see the redeeming values in BOTH. Perhaps if Bill humbles himself a little here (and I can't believe I'm saying this) he will realize no man is an island - the 2 organizations working together could accomplish so much!

  • RevMalk

    I'm probably really outaline here, but isn't there a way to "semi-merge" Lambsroar with SIlentLambs

    At the expense of sounding like a broken record :) LambsRoar is trying it's best. We still promote silentlambs and we still carry links to silentlambs.org and that's all we can do for the time being. Bill should know, and everyone should know, we're ready and willing to cooperate at any time, and we're here for the cause in whatever way we're needed.

  • pettygrudger

    RevMalk - its not to you that comment was directed - I do realize that!!! Its Bill that this comment is directed towards. My apologies if you misunderstood!

  • RevMalk

    I figured as much, I was just taking the opportunity to voice my stand on it once again. You have no idea how many emails I get a day asking why I split off from silentlambs. So I take every chance I can get to try and show that just isn't the case. Some people are probably sick of hearing it but hopefully one of these days the general population will get an idea as to what the full picture is, without me making a big 'stink' about it. As for ties between silentlambs and LambsRoar, don't hold your breath, I don't ever see it happening. It's a one way street, you might say. But, on the other hand you never know. At one point I thought perhaps if everyone talked to Bill about it and voiced their opinions maybe he'd change his mind, but many many people have and he won't budge. Unless he has some sort of revelation you can bet it will never happen. I think the value of us working together would be enormous, but since that isn't happening, we can only go forward as best as we can. LambsRoar doesn't need silentlambs to grow, it'll do that on it's own, and we will be a great support system for one another in our healing. The sad question is, how many people will slip through the cracks while we grow?

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