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    As all true Christians know, Jehovah is a "God of love." His boundless compassion for all mankind is reflected in the spiritual food which his faithful slave provides at the proper time. Wise are those who take to heart the loving reminders contained in the February 15, 2001 Watchtower!

    Page 17, paragraph 22: "As he did in the days of Zephaniah, Jehovah will soon bring distress upon 'all the inhabitants of the earth,' those who refuse to heed his warning. Because they sin against God, they will walk about as helpless as blind men, unable to find deliverance. In Jehovah's day of judgment , their blood 'will actually be poured out like dust,' as something worthless. Theirs will be a disgraceful end indeed, for God will strew the bodies--even the entrails--of these wicked ones upon the earth, 'like the dung.'"

    Honest-hearted ones, thus, do well in guarding their entrails, maintaining silence before the Sovereign Lord of the Universe. Would we ever wish to be found among those whose intestines rise in noisy revolt against his righteous judgments? Far from it! Let each of us meditate on the love God shows for humanity in his written Word.

    More fine counsel about our attitude toward divine commandments is found on page 19, paragraph 7:

    "The third point made at Zephaniah 2:3 is that if we want to be hidden in the day of Jehovah's anger, we must 'seek meekness.' Each day, we rub shoulders with men, women, and young people who are anything but meek. To them, being mild-tempered is a flaw. Submissiveness is considered a serious weakness. They are demanding, selfish, and opinionated, believing that their personal 'rights' and preferences must be accommodated at all costs. How sad it would be if some of those attitudes were to rub off on us! This is the time to 'seek meekness.' How? By being submissive to God, humbly accepting his discipline and conforming to his will."

    Does God's visible organization ever show a lack of meekness in its pronouncements in the pages of the Watchtower, in other Christian publications, or from the public platform? Hardly! The above paragraph certainly does not evince a "demanding" or "opinionated" spirit, does it? Moreover, since Jehovah's faithful slave is guided by holy spirit, we should accept its admonitions without question, "accommodating its preferences at all cost."

    Many hours, indeed, could be spent in pondering the breadth and depth of Jehovah's loving consideration. But do these paragraphs not demonstrate adequately what kind of God he is?


  • RedhorseWoman
    Honest-hearted ones, thus, do well in guarding their entrails,

    I lock mine up every night. Just can't be too careful with those entrals. Thanks for the advice.

  • SanFranciscoJim
    This is the time to 'seek meekness.' How? By being submissive to God, humbly accepting his discipline and conforming to his will.

    I personally know a sadomasochistic couple who engage in submission and discipline daily.

  • DrunkWithLiberty

    It is articles like these that, as a child, kept me up at night, crying because my loving sweet grandparents were going to die because they were not JWs. Even as a child I knew that "those who refuse to heed His warning" meant anyone who was not a JW.
    So glad my children do not have to fall asleep with such "wonderful" thoughts dancing through their precious heads.
    Love to all, angie

  • stephenw20

    Your post is exactly why , I feel the child molestation is the tip of the child abuse iceberg with the TOWER........
    There is no way to compare Pedophile actions with this mind abuse. The pedophile is much more serious.

    there is no way though , one cannot admit that everychild inthe touched by the mind warping nature of the JWS. To this I will go to my torture stake nailed to.


  • ianao




  • stephenw20


    is that a direct quote from the WTBS..I notice their penmenship in your words.........


  • logical


    Now, open your Bible, read the scriptures apart from the WTS literature, in the proper context.

    You will find most of the prophecies are aimed at ISRAEL, and guess who Israel is?

    Yep, JW's.

    Do you really think that a God of love will destroy 6 billion people? The god you worship is the WTS and they are evil. You dont know the Father, you dont even know Jesus, so you cannot know the Father, you REJECTED him no doubt, along with 6 million other JW's and even more "interested" on Sunday.

    So before you start preaching your out-of-context evil twisted WTS literature at us, find out what it really means.

  • ianao
    is that a direct quote from the WTBS..I notice their penmenship in your words.........

    Yes stephenw20 it is. I hope to be on the governing body someday so that I can brain-hump the masses and extort their money much better than I could in one of these small-time tithing churches.

  • stephenw20


    you have just made the "cardinal" mistake..great pun!

    you have said to much........

    now you know somewhere this will get amplified so many times over and come out I want to kill 6 million plus people..........

    just ask covington.........

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