If ya like to talk on the phone..get in touch w/me

by LyinEyes 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • LyinEyes

    I just wanted to let my friends here know , I have reactivated my cell phone and I am ready to talk baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have unlimted nites and weekends, free phone time, starting at 8pm central time, my time.

    If ya give me your number I can call you right back , and that way it wont cost you anything.

    Sometimes my son has my cell phone and he forgets to tell me if some of you call.

    But even if we don't know each other that well,,,,,,,,,, i'd love to get to know some of you more.

    I have a few real good friends that call me and I want to try and talk on the phone more with everyone.

    So if you are interested in talking to me, or WildTurkey,,,,,,,,just let me know ... my email is ddb300@hotmail.com..........

    Just don't laugh when you hear my southern drawl ,,,,,,,,,lol...........hugs dede

  • MadMax

    Hi there LyinEyes or is it dede?

    Don't panic, I don't expect no calls to New Zealand. It just you sound friendly and your post doesn't seem flat out yet

    This is my first post here, I have been looking for a while though and finally made the leap in. I have'nt been an active witness now for 'bout 3 years now, problem is I feel more like an enigma now, don't seem to fit anywhere, if you get my drift. Family are still active etc. so its not an easy path or any easy way out as some try to put it.

    We're into our summer down here at the moment and its a craker day at the moment.

    So you won't get much more of a southern drawl than from down here.

  • Mackin


    I'm from New Zealand as well. We have a lot in common I'm sure.

    I'll send you an e-mail.


  • Englishman

    Oh, wow, if I'm going to get one of these sexy Southern accents drippin' liquid honey across the Atlantic, count me in!

    Yeh, baby, yeh!


  • Mackin

    Hey Dede,

    What time zone are you in?



  • RandomTask

    DeDe, you crazy girl!

  • Simon

    I love talking to you 'Mercans but get embarrassed sometimes when you can;t understand what I'm saying. I mean ... it's not like I have an accent

  • onacruse

    There go WT's hot meals.

    "Sorry, honey, I'm on the phone...can you fix yourself a bowl of cold cereal, please, huh, please?"


    "Oh, and feed the cat and dog and kids, too?"


  • ITguy

    Sheesh, I just might want to listen to that southern drawl for a few hours...dede's that is, not WT's! (Though I'm sure his is charming as well)

    I do just love the sounds of those southern ladies...

  • xenawarrior

    Simon, if you think you have an accent- wait till you hear Dede's !!! Great southern belle drawl on that one. And she thinks I have an accent!!!


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