Int'l Convention Qualifications?

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  • Jourles

    Does anyone know who approves candidates to attend the international assemblies and what the qualifications are? I know of a family that was "approved" to attend one of next summers international conventions. All but one family member was invited. The non-approved family member has aimed for becoming an MS for quite a while now and is very active in the hall. For this reason, I cannot for the life of me figure out why he was not invited??? There are no health issues to take into consideration either.


  • zenpunk

    I attended an international convention in 1991 in Budapest, Hungary. I almost didn't get to go because the elders said they had a hard time with my unspiritual attitude. The reason for this was that I once told the PO's son that he was misapplying a scripture. In the end they decided to let me go, saying that it would probably help me.

    So, being spiritual or not probably has little to do with it. It may be that an elder just does not like him, etc. In fact if he's been trying for MS for a long time and has not won the position - it probably means someone is against him.

  • AnotherEscapee

    Is he odd? I've a vague recollection of a letter from the WTS saying 'oddities' arn't welcome! I remember being really confused cos my ex sister-in-law's father went to one and he talked and acted like a darlek! (scary thing in Dr Who for those to young to know).

  • onthego

    Attendance must be approved by the whole body of the elders. Apparently an elder is opposed to your family member.

  • gumby

    Does anyone know who approves candidates to attend the international assemblies and what the qualifications are? I know of a family that was "approved" to attend one of next summers international conventions

    Are you guys on drugs or am I ? ANYONE can attend an international assembly. Do you think they have someone at the gates checking for membership? Are you sure you mean an international assembly? They don't have them anymore.

  • Gopher

    "Anyone can attend an international assembly"

    Well technically that IS true. However, the WT Society invites a certain number of foreign JW's to these certain conventions where they wish to make a publicity splash in the host city.

    They have to limit the number of foreign attenders due to space considerations.

    As for WHO they choose, as this thread says, it's a highly subjective matter. Apparently enough arse must be kissed so as to be among the chosen few.

  • Junction-Guy

    I was raised a witness, and am 32 years old. i attended meetings up until i was 22, but i dont ever remember any international conventions, except for the 1950's and 60's. When did they start having international conventions again?

  • Elsewhere

    My sister went to one about six years ago in an asian country.

    I remember there was a long process of filling out applications and getting approval from all sorts of people.

  • Mary

    Whoever can stick their head the farthest up the elders' ass gets to go........that's the only qualification you need .

  • Prisca

    I've attended a couple of Internation Conventions on tours arranged by the WTS.

    To go on WTS-arranged travel to the Int'l Convention, you had to fill in an application form stating you'd like to go on the tour. The Service Overseer and the Presiding Overseer had to approve the application before it got sent to your Bethel branch. You must be a publisher in good standing in the congregation in order to be approved.

    I believe the requirements are much stricter now, I think that the entire group of elders have to approve the application. They have also raised the age level, to stop children under 16 going, even if they were with their parents. I remember reading in an older thread that they were favouring elders and pioneers, to the exclusion of regular publishers.

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