Beautiful GAY/LESBIAN Friends Please SIGN

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  • militarywitness

    :) Hello beautiful gay/lesbian brothers and sisters around the world. Let yourselves be known. :)(:

    ( [email protected] )

  • SanFranciscoJim

    Well, you knew I would be the first, didn't you?

  • PullMyFinger

    Does it count if we're not beautiful -- but have a nice personality?

  • boscikid

    You are just kidding right!?!?

  • militarywitness

    Jim, Thank you for being the first to reply. Your personality tells a million things, and all are good by the way. The beauty that I make reference to, is inner beauty. The good, simple, humble heart within each wonderful being. In our case; the beautiful heart of every Jehovah's Witness. Thank you once again. Take care, be safe, and continue to stand for what you believe.
    Love, J.W.

  • militarywitness

    To pullmyfinger: Yes my friend, in answer to your q. A personality, along with a set of good morals and values, coupled with empathy, and sensitive feelings, are the best qualities that a rommantic driven for love could find in a person. Physical beauty, although it helps sometimes, is not a satisfactory determinant of love. So, my beautiful brothers and sisters are those with a big heart, a great personality, and empathic persona.
    Much, much love, and a bunch of smiles, J.W.

  • militarywitness

    Boscikid, whom is your reply for?

  • boscikid

    J W
    I'm kinda new hear, I had posted hear
    mabey a year or two ago, but some things
    have changed, and I think its coming
    clear to me now,I'm not one to stir up
    trouble of any nature, but I do without
    thinking sometimes, so I think it be best
    if I keep my flapper shut. adios ya'll

  • PullMyFinger

    Phewwwww! Mili-Wit,

    Thanks for clearin' up that "beautiful" thing. Because, to be honest, I look like the Elephant Man on a bad hair day! But (not counting the murmur) I've got a good heart.

    So ... what are ya' doing Friday night? In the mood for a wild tango?

    Keeping in touch,


  • mattnoel

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to say Hi and let you know I have set up a group on MSN for Gay Witnesses and ex witnesses.

    Please feel free to join,


    Join Gay ex Jehovahs Witnesses

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