The Branding of the XJW

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  • Beans

    It really is funny to look back and think how we were Jehovahs Witnesses, we walked the walk and talked the talk literally! In a sense we thought we stood out in the crowd, the feeling of knowing you were above others in a sense because you knew that you would be SAVED.

    But here we are again in a strange way still with this LABEL or a BRANDING of a sort, Hi I'm an XJW! We still have this past pasted to us forever, but we deal with it! As the XJW community keeps growing and growing we find that we can help each in many ways and find new friends. The chance to talk and be with new friends is very comforting and to some very healing.

    Looking back on old stories and comparing with others has to be one of the most humorous things, and being able to laugh about it! It has really taught you in a sense to avoid a scam, a great lesson I believe.


    But if your an XJW chances are your an Apostate as well and I like that much better!


  • nightwarrior

    You can now continue to walk the walk stroll the stroll but this time you are free to scratch your nose

    free to nip into the local pub,free to open your thoughts ,dont be afraid to meet your old associates head on with a smile on your face ,yes you are allso branded but not with the mark of death you are now branded with the word of truth ,once blind you can now see .

    happy new year branded

  • Shutterbug


    Out of all of your posts I've read, this is the first one I've disagreed with. Calling someone a name such as apostate dismisses their (the person who disagrees) side of the issue in one word. This is somewhat akin to calling a black person the "N" word. Using either word in a derogatory manner is an attempt to make the person the slur is aimed at, somewhat less than human. I refuse to use either word.

  • Gopher


    My take on the word "apostate" is a bit different. Apostate simply means someone who has abandoned a belief/faith they formerly had.

    Oh yeah the JW's (and the individuals among them) use that word in a derogatory way. Much like they use the word "demon", as if to invoke scary thoughts amongst them.

    I say, let them be scared!

    To me, to be dishonored by the WT Society (even being called names) is in itself a badge of honor.

    So in a tongue-in-cheek way, I accept the term "apostate" (even though we know the WT Society is themselves quite far from the spirit of what Jesus is supposed to stand for, so they could easily be called that themselves... but we won't stoop to their level, will we?)

    Just a little food for thought, as we head into another "apostofest" season.

  • Shutterbug

    Excellent post Gopher !! I really hadn't thought about in that manner, but you make a lot of sense. I suppose they got whatevers left of my competitive spirit fired up. Thank you for your thoughts. Bug

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