Had to go to a JW funeral yesterday.

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  • Vanderhoven7
    I also attended a JW funeral at the Kingdom Hall yesterday. There were 200 people in attendance, most deaf. The deceased was deaf, the speaker was deaf as well but he had a good voice (reverse) interpreter. The message was "Jehovah, Jehovah, the resurrection, the new earth etc and how Jehovah resembled the cloud where all your memories were stored. There was one song/hymn, no music, which was preformed via on screen video... with dramatic flare which most of the deaf in attendance tried unsuccessfully to emulate. Yes, a promo which may result in attracting some newbies.
  • ignored_one

    I'm in two minds whether I'd attend my parents funerals. Partly due to knowing I'd be shunned mostly and partly due to the fact they are just infomercials for the Watchtower.

    Had anyone who'd not met my grandparents attended their JW funerals I'd had been surprised if they'd learnt anything about my grandparents other than the fact they were JWs.

  • possum
    My husband and I are so traumatized by shunning that we are not having funerals at all. I won't give those hypocrites the satisfaction of turning up at my funeral for one last "good witness!" My non witness family are going to have a barbecue instead...sounds great!
  • JWdaughter

    My dad wasnt a JW. We had a family memorial too. Just a picnic. No jws but my mom and her bro even though dad had worked on khs and JWs homes to be nice-because he was a GOOD guy. Not by any religious measurements.

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