Something that's bugging me. Why didn't the ARC ask Jackson..

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  • Illuminated

    This was the main point that crossed my mind as well, why wasn't the letter to the elder about pedophiles being appointed brought up? That's a huge in your face red flag right there and places children in serious danger and I don't recall anything about it being discussed throughout the RC.

    It appeared like the Counsel had a game plan and that time constraints did not allow for all lines of questioning to be persued and it didn't help that Jackson launched into a sermon whenever he was given half a chance. Jackson's bibble pontificating consumed lots of clock time.

    As I was watching him being questioned, I thought to myself, is this guy buying and killing time by going on and on about his interpretations of the Bible, just so he won't be questioned in depth?

  • Scully

    The problem with Reinstating™ someone who has been Disfellowshipped™ for sexually abusing children, is this:[search_id]=9ec04c65-2a1c-4937-9e75-1532e5aa763a&insight[search_result_index]=5

    Following the model of first-century Christianity, Jehovah’s Witnesses have no clergy-laity division. All baptized members are ordained ministers and share in the preaching and teaching work.

    An "ordained minister" is automatically someone who has a measure of trust within a congregation. An "ordained minister" is someone people respect. In the case of young children, parents generally afford much higher levels of trust to someone who is a bona fide member of the congregation due to the assumption that all members are "ordained ministers".

    Therefore, it does not matter whether a person is appointed as an Elder™, Ministerial Servant™, or Pioneer™. The fact that a Reinstated™ person is permitted to re-join the ranks of "ordained ministers" with all the rights and Privileges™ associated with that, regardless of any court mandated restrictions (such as not associating with children), puts vulnerable people at risk.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Exactly, Scully.

    With no professional assessments involved in the disciplinary or reinstatement procedures, any predatory pedophile can fool the local uneducated elders, and end up with the trust of families in the organisation.. As a MS, Elder, or respected publisher in 'good standing'.

    This is something that should concern the public and the Australian government.

    So when will the matter be raised to the Governing Body? They need to involve professionals!! (And never reappoint molesters iin my view)

    I'd love it if someone would ask the ARC this, someone who can speak directly to them..

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