What Tipped My Father Into Dub-Dom.

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  • Englishman

    I'd like to tell you a true story about my Father. He isn't alive now, but he was the PO of a congregation in the UK when he died. I did once post this on H 20, so my apologies if it is "old hat".

    He had an unusual experience during WW 2, this mystified him so much that he searched for answers for years. Eventually, when JW's called on him in the 50's, they answered his query to his entire satisfaction, and as a result he eventually became a witness. This is his story:

    In 1944, my father was a bomb-aimer on Lancasters, he did 43 trips over Germany in total. His crew were mainly English, however the pilot, McKay, was a Canadian.

    In Sep 44, my mother gave birth to my elder brother. Sickly from birth, he died a week later with jaundice as the main cause. My Father was given 48 hours compassionate leave, and didn't fly on his assigned target the night that my elder brother died.

    The night of his first born's death, the crew of the Lancaster bomber, minus my Father, received a mortal blow from ground-fire and were listed as "missing presumed killed" by the RAF.

    Stunned at the news, my dad quickly realised that the death of his son had actually been the saving of his own life.

    As the war laboured to it's close, my father took up with a fresh bomber crew in the RAF Pathfinder division, but mourned the loss of his mates from the original crew. If only he could have a last word with them!

    Around this time, he attended a funfair in Blackpool, Lancashire whilst on a 72 hour pass. In one of the booths was a spiritualist medium, advertising her services. Dad went in, and she quickly went into a trance and told him what had happened to his crew and how they had been shot down over Germany. Easy stuff so far for any con-artist, but she then told him the names of his crew members, in particular he heard how Canadian pilot McKay had met his end! WoW!

    Shaken rigid at this, my Dad soon started to attend spiritualism meetings to try and contact other people who he had once been close to, and eventually became quite involved in the whole thing.


    We move on to the early 50's and a letter arrived from overseas. From Canada. Opening the letter in some puzzlement, my Dad was astonished to discover that it had been written a week or two earlier by non other than Canadian pilot McKay. Bloody Hell!

    McKay related in the letter how he had parachuted out of his stricken Lancaster and picked up shortly afterwards by German troops. He was not dead at all, rather he had spent the last few months of the war in a POW camp before being released by the advancing Americans.

    So now Dad had a dilemma. He was heavily into spiritualism, but clearly the medium he had spoken too had got it wrong. But then, she knew the names of his crew! How could this be?

    This bothered him for a couple of years, and no-one could give him a satisfactory answer. And then...the JW's did!

    So, does anyone here think that they know what the witnesses said to answer his question? Something that so enthralled my Dad that he became a witness, almost overnight?

    Go on, give it a go!


  • mouthy

    Le 19:31


  • mouthy


  • rebel


    The JWs told your dad the demons gave the medium her power and they used the scriptures Mouthy sited above to show how Jehovah feels about consulting mediums. They then said that the demons had seen the Lancaster go down BUT hadn't bothered to watch the rest and had presumed him dead. Demons don't know everything, do they????

    Just a thought.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Whatever was said, at least you know the story behind their conversion. So I guess Your old man must have told you the saga. That means you must have at least talked about things occassionally. Admirable indeed.

    I imagine the JWs said that the Medium being possesssed by a demon, and the demon obviously was flying about in the region of europe in 1944, etc etc

  • LeslieV

    The apostle Paul talked about the spirit of prediction. The spirit kept following him around saying that he was bringing them good news of salvation. Everything that the spirit said was accurate, but Paul expelled the demon from the woman anyways. Even though the spirit of prediction brought this woman money. So the borg always has said that what the demons say are real but you have to consider the source, which is from the DEVIL!!! And then they quote all those scriptures already sited.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Of course this still leaves us with the problem of the Canadian guy surviving anbd the demon saying he died. This must have been described by the dubs as an outright lie by the demon designed to hurt Dad in some way, or maybe it just couldnt help itself, being compelled to lie as a matter of course.

  • Elsewhere

    They probably said that it was demon lies and half truths to win him over to serving Satan (through separatism) instead of Jehovah. The likely said something to the effect that the demons were jerking him around and playing with him and laughing at him because of how they could fool him into serving satan.

    I myself am skeptical about the whole medium thing. I find it hard to believe that a person can come up with such details as names without some kind of help or fishing for names.

    I would love the opportunity to speak with a medium in a controlled environment... no dark room, no spooky pics, no incense... talk to me and give me details about something without me having to give him/her any input.

    No BS like: "The spirits tell me you are here because you are concerned about something"... and then ask me for some acknowledgment. "You are here about someone close to you or a friend..."

  • Satanus

    I know the wt response all too well.

    There are a lot of scammers in this area. The ones that have some ability, are varied in their abilities and approaches. One would only be a medium if she had a spirit speaking through her. If a spirit is speaking to her, and she relays it, that's another case. Some clairevoyants read a persons energy, some read minds. Your father's 'medium', provided she didn't somehow scam him, may have had the mind reading ability. That would be how she got the names. Then she filled in the gaps. To actually see what happened in germany, she would likely have had to have been what is called a remote viewer. This ability is quite different from the others. The american govt had quite a team of them going for a while.


  • Navigator

    Saint Satan

    I was wondering if you knew what happened to the "remote viewing" teams the CIA had going at one time. I believe the Russians had such teams as well, although not quite so successful. What is your read on John Edwards who does "Crossing Over"?

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