This is fun!!!!

by Aztec 54 Replies latest jw friends

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Iggy the dispenser,

    Give me two strips, please!... But wipe that blood off first, if you don't mind; I've given it up as a New Year's Resolution!

    BTW, Iggy The Great Tape Dispenser, isn't it great to get "pulled" all the time?


  • Jourles

    What's up with the hovercraft??

  • Hmmm

    You are a pet rock. You sit around all day doing nothing productive. People's interest in you will wear off quickly, and future generations won't remember you. You are a waste of space.

    And this is supposed to be fun?

    Just kidding. I was a sock.


  • iggy_the_fish

    Hey Spanner

    ....isn't it great to get "pulled" all the time?

    I'll have you know I'm a happily married man!

    I do try hard to please, in the sorts of ways which end up being less helpful than if I'd not tried to help at all - exactly like a tape dispenser!! How can this computer read my mind

    ig. (I fear the deminz)

    (btw, is the pic visible?)

  • meadow77

    You could have been a curling stone, tapioca pudding, a dreidel, an apple, a pocket calculator, a toaster, or a tape dispenser.

    So I guess I am versatile?

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