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  • freedom96

    Who are the majority that are leaving?

    Are they those who grew up as witnesses, and this generation realized that this is not the true religion and leave?

    Or maybe a witness who had a position of power, such as an elder or MS, or maybe had some insight from bethel, and saw too much?

    Or, maybe the JW who got in because of 1975 and finally decided to leave, seeing that nothing ever happened?

    Or is it witnesses who are just too tired to do all that is required of them in this religion?

    Maybe it is because of freedom of knowledge such as the books and internet?

    Any guesses?

  • larc

    Well, I left after reading the old books by Russell and Rutherford. It really opened my eyes. By their own literature, they are condemned. Oh, I forgot to add. I was raised in it and started to fade at the age of 22 with my lovely wife.

  • JH

    I don't think anybody is leaving any more because of the 1975 issue. That happened too long ago. Some will never leave, no matter what. And some will leave after their first doubt.

  • Athanasius

    I left in 1984 after reading C of C. But being an elder, I was able to see all the politics that went on in the Organization. Ray Franz's book confirmed my doubts.


  • Francois

    I like to think that society is becoming more mentally healthy in general, and is developing a more positive image of itself and therefore does not need the crutch of a high-control religious cult. It IS the sickies of one sort or degree of another who joins a cult, after all. Those of us who were born into the damned thing seem to stay in because we were early trained that way by our parents - a powerful motivator - but who leave when our thinking ability, self-confidence and independence assert themselves.

    So in a way, the growing number of people who are leaving cultic religions is a sort of litmus test of overall societal mental health. It's a good sign whatever the reason. Especially so since so many of us who have left, and those who haven't yet can and do make common interest from child sex abuse, and financial shenanigans, and other forms of utterly non-religious, non-acceptable behavior. Maybe as a society we are demanding more from people who would assume roles of spiritual leadership. And from the social group which supports them. For us, they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

    But back to your original question; IMO those leaving represent those whose mental health is on the mend, and so we're throwing away the "crutches." Yay us! Boo them


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  • SheilaM

    We have both here and in my hubbies family: My hubby and children were raised in the crapand I started in 1983. He also has some sisters that have left too.

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  • Shutterbug

    If this board is any indication, the WTBTS has lost many on their most capable people, including former Bethelites, elders, and CO/DO's. They have also lost many very bright women. They are in dire need of all of these people, because they are left with those who, while doing exactly what they are told to do, are not very helpful when it comes to making intelligent dicisions.

  • mouthy

    Francois ? did I read it right?" It is the sickies that come in that are mentally ???blah blah blah?"

    Not fair love.!!!1.... I was a Sunday School teacher,( knew nothing about the bible) but because I wanted my kids to go to Sunday School the Pastor ( United Church) said I would have to look after the babies -4-5 class....I told him I knew nothing he said "just get them to talk about things God made. & let them draw pictures or cut out pictures of things God made. Which I did. But after a few classes they told me I MUST wear a hat...... I did not own a hat- I was very poor-No furniture -no panties-I had to share my hubbies--underwear.....only had an unpainted table & chairs- & beds- a hotplate to cook on- remember now my hubby was a drinker!!!!So I had to leave the church....

    Then wonders of wonders!! these two wonderful young ladies came to my door & talked to me about a paradise earth--- but the got arrested at my door- I offered them in but they said No it was there persecution they must endure.( Montreal). Needless to say when they came back a few months later I was wanting to see why these two lovely young girls would suffer..... & I started a bible study with them---- OOPs sorry a book study with them---& so this Mental person???/ was hooked.for over 20+ years. Until I admitted I did not believe Jesus came invisably in 1914.I got booted. No paradise for Mouthy........

  • GeddyLee

    Yikes!! sharing the gaunchies with hubby? I hope you flipped em so that the skidders were on the outside.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    "Its the sickoes"....

    I figured that staement by Francois might land him under the microscope. Funny how things change. I used to think it was the "sickoes" that joined cults, then I read Hassan, et al, and became all humanitarian and compassionate and decided, no, it was just ordinary people in the wrong place at the wrong time who joined. But now Ive swung back to my former intolerance after years of observation. Most of the young guys Ive seen studying with a cult, or signing up, were some kind of misfit social dag. I think people with some kind of need/ problem join. If they didnt have a problem, why would they join? Lol.

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