Why is the WTBTS Dumbing Down?

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  • jgnat

    Have you seen their videos? Disney has nothing to worry about. Or anybody else. Check out some of these fantastic links developed by *gasp* Christendom's Churches.

    http://www.interviewwithgod.com/playprayer.htm - some lovely flash movies.

    www.gospelcom.net - a fantastic resource

    http://bible.crosswalk.com/ - online bible study aids

    The WTS won't produce anything of this calibre, because they would have to give up a measure of control. The NWT is not available online. I can't highlight or do decent searches on their CD. This org-run-by-committee moves too slowly to be able to rapidly change their delivery style.

    I don't think the org is equipped to deal with this multimedia age. Or this multimedia-savvy generation.

  • RR

    You're right. In fact even the videos produced by Bible Students are better produced, not bad for a "mom and pop" association.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Hillbilly, awesome post!!!!

    Regarding the videos the Society produces, it was all I could do to not laugh hysterically as I watched one of their latest, Warning Examles for Our Day. Painfully bad... acting, for lack of a better word. Totally cardboard "sets" with outdoor scenes presumably done at Patterson. Then the actual "message" of the video itself!!! "Don't have fun!!!! If it looks like fun it is bad."

  • hillbilly

    Have you seen their videos? Disney has nothing to worry about. Or anybody else. Check out some of these fantastic links developed by *gasp* Christendom's Churches.
    Hey-- I never said they were good! Look at the overall quality of anything they make....

  • garybuss

    minimus, you wrote:

    I think that they are not making so much money on publishing as they are on property and donations.

    Me thinks so too. When I was working for the group, ALL the emphasis was on the getting (read selling) magazine subscriptions and selling books and magazines for a set price. The meetings were all about literature distribution. Some meetings were about reading from the books the group leaders wrote and published. Other meetings were about making effective presentations in order to sell the books the group leaders wrote and published.

    Assemblies were used to drum up enthusiasm for reading and selling the books the group leaders wrote and published. If certain members did not spend enough recourses of money and time on the meetings preparing to sell the books the group leaders wrote and published, or if they did not report enough hours selling the books the group leaders wrote and published, they were made to feel impending doom or guilt.

    All focus was on the distribution of the books the group leaders wrote and published. Members were not recognized as members unless they turned in a monthly field service report which consisted of a tally of hours spent in literature sales, books sold, and magazines and subscriptions sold. Members were rewarded for their religious behaviors turned in on the monthly report which was simply an activity report on individual literature sales and effort in recruiting new group members by offers of positions of authority or respect like a servant or a pioneer.

    When a relative cuts down on sales meeting attendance or unpaid literature sales, they are seen as religiously weak and not good for association.

    Now mail subscriptions are no longer offered in Canada and the USA and recent articles in a group paper discouraged free distribution (waste) of the books and magazines the group leaders wrote and published.

    I think you are right on. Donations are a much easier way to make money. No need for low paid labor to feed. No messy ink or paper processing machines to operate. Printing will be mostly farmed out. I think the Awake! will be discontinued and The Watchtower will be sold for a set price again and will be a members only publication like the KM is now. Members will be by list and not sales activity.

    The group owners will capitalize on the 12 or 14 million total supporters and try to get them to support the group on some level. A gold mine for the Corporation would be selling annulment of failure. Or selling association rights for say . . . $500 a year. Or a simple yearly subscription to membership complete with association rights for $20. That's $20 X 12 million or more free and clear.

  • minimus

    The Society can hardly wait for thousands of people to die. Because??? Of the wills! Talking about not having to do anything! Stocks, bonds, you name it, they'll take it. If it's even questionable, their view is, "A gift is a gift". Take the money and invest it. All these articles and reminders for loans and donations to help out Jehovah's interests suggest these guys are a lot smarter than they appear....It's all about the MONEY!

  • gumby

    MONEY will always be the key to their ultimate decision making.

    Who is it in the society that wants this money you guys are talking about? We all know of the meager salary they ALL get. It should be clarified the society needs money to operate and expand......not fill any person/s pockets. No person/s from the society benifits personally.......they want it for growth because they believe this is Jehovahs way of spreading the good news......unless you can fill me in on something I don't know.

  • hillbilly

    Gary-- yea I can see it now.... the WTBTS run almost like the National Rifle Association.... to bad they can't get Charlie Heston to jump ship-- we was Moses ya'all know. (it's a shame but his Alzheimers will let him fit in with the rest of the board in a year or two)

    $20 --"publisher" ya get a Watchtower and if you act NOW this years Book Study publicaton

    $75-- "Master member" above plus special TMS and service meeting training

    $500- "MS package" above plus all you need to "reach out" at an atractive package price

    $1500- "ELDER MADNESS" - The MUST have- all the above, plus admission to special meetings and extra seminars held in your area

    $5000- Hey I"M the CO-- what a special feeling-- your freinds will actually climb over each other to speak with you---- make a great gift for that long term Elder in the family

    $100,000 (or your soul) GREAT GOVERNING BODY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!- THE ULTIMATE! LIVE in spectacular privielege in a great location--- exoticly close to excitint NYC! Be the first in your congregation to FEEL the POWER!

    Gumby--thats the sad part-- bet ya dollars to donuts the Legal Department and their cronies end up with the whole enchillada down the road.

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  • minimus

    With money there is power. There is control. This is not a humanitarian organization. this is a huge business, a corporation with many assets. Those in control have adulation, no expenses, free travel and $500 suits. All of their needs are taken care of. Even when a loan is made by the Society to the circuit or congregation, they make money. If the interest was purely to preach the good news, then the Society would spend money and make sure that everybody had their chance to recieve the "truth". They keep as much money as they can. Look at any Watchtower lawyer, C.O, D.O. or official. They lead a good life......not because they don't have a home of their own, but because they enjoy "perks" that the average Witness would not imagine. When the C.O. would come to our congregation, I would give him $100 plus take him and his wife out to a very nice restaurant and many times give them an additional personal gift. (I had a lot of assembly parts) Now that was just me. I knew that MANY in our congregation gave cash in his hand or in cards. I know this stuff was never reported and quite frankly, I didn't care. But the truth is EVERYTHING they have is provided for. Then can take a vow of poverty all they want. They can do very well in their "work".

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  • gumby

    Look at any Watchtower lawyer, C.O, D.O. or official. They lead a good life.

    Living with other people with no home of your own is a good life? Ask any CO's or DO's wives if they like their life. Outside lawyers make money yes....bethelite lawyers don't. Don't get me wrong minimus.....I"m not on their side as you know but I do speak up if they are represented wrong.........it definately doesn't help lurkers either who know better.


    You really think if the society went down there is going to be cash to be had? Right!

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