New JW sex abuse lawsuit

by Nathan Natas 13 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Dia

    I love the fact that they're going after their policy as 'illegal'.

    Yes, by what right do they set themselves up the investigators? And by what right do they withhold evidence from the justice system?

    This will be a red flag to everyone that necessary laws need to be put in place and then USED!

  • detective

    Just a reminder that the article includes an email for the reporter. The more emails/buzz you generate, the more likely you'll have future press coverage for the cause!

  • peacefulpete

    Just a reminder that many here were once kind concerned elders or pioneers. Broad generalizations weaken our cause. We must not come across as JW haters as this will brand us as disgruntled fanatics. We must also realize that this policy evolved, in other words it is unlikely any one person saw the developement of this policy from start to finish. As needs arose the existing position was modified in an attempt to respect the rights of all and have support in scripture. Mistakes have been made that have ruined lives. Rather than being a wholesale reflection of Jehovah's Witness morals it demonstrates the problem of applying homespun family style rules of order to a multinational association of semi-strangers. A monster has been created through millions of trusting hearts not knowing what to do and therefore not doing enough.

  • tuff_luv_capo

    I've never heard of this lawsuit, thank you for giving us the Info. In my opinion, the "JW Scandal" or whatever it's called is no where near the size of what's going on with the Catholic Priest Child Molestation problems which seem to be popping up more and more everyday.

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