Storming the Baracades

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  • searcher

    I have been reading a lot of threads/posts where people are trying to fade quietly, and are being ' picked off ' one at a time by the new policy of contacting ' inactive ones '.

    My thoughts on this are, why wait to be 'picked off' ?

    If the WT is going to df/da people anyway, why not a mass da by all sending in letters at the same time ?

    The WT is using a tactic of attrition, keeping people isolated from the flock and dealing with them one at a time, this looks good in the stats. as it only shows a few df's/da's over a long period.

    Why not ' Storm the Baracades ' and give them a mass exodus to deal with ? They are going to 'get you out' anyway.

    Just my 2c.


  • pr_capone

    The reason (correct me if I am wrong) that people choose to fade away from the troof is the fact that because they are not being DF'd or DA'd they are still able to remain in contact with family or close friends who would otherwise shun them. I believe that the GB knows this and by talking to these people face to face are trying to force those who have faded to come back lest they loose their family or friends.

    Its equivalent to holding your family as ranson, all you have to do to pay is show up to the meetings so they can increase their stats.

  • Francois

    Yes, PR, you are entirely correct. What we have here is the lowest of the low: the religious extortion of the the "least" perhaps of Jesus' brothers and sisters today. The WT knowingly holds for ransom the families and friends of people who have realized what a scam and a fraud is the organization of JWs. To say that this scrapes the bottom of the moral/ethical barrel is an understatement of massive proportions.

    I certainly can't find any statement of Jesus that could be used in a straightforward manner to excuse a religious organization holding hostage a person's loved ones to force their compliance and continued membership in that organization.

    Frankly, I don't find the concept of an organization anywhere in The Master's teachings. His Light was so bright and unhidden under a bushel basket, that he so lived his life as to attract others to discover what it was that he had found. And we know for a fact he left us with only two commands, neither of which have anything to do with membership in a religious organization.

    A person cannot be convinced against his will, and that is precisely what the organization of the WTBTS attempts to do, it attempts to convince people against their own will. And cultic religions are the only phenomena who attempt to intrude on the free and unfettered personal will of a child of God.

    Think about the seriousness of what the WT does. It is the equivalent of you telling your children they had certain freedoms and to go and exercise them freely. However, some deceiver comes along and says they know better than your father; that you cannot so exercise such free will. You must substitute instead for it their interpretation of what your father so clearly told you that you have the right to do. How angry as a father would you be at any such individual or group for intefering with and meddling in the relationship between you and your children?

    What utter gall, likely motivated by greed, it takes for the WTBTS to interfere, and worse, to hold your loved ones hostage so that you must agree to continued association with "the unclean thing" in order to keep your family. It boggles the mind, enrages the spirit and is debilitating to the soul. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes when it's time to stand before The Master and recite the good things that you have done for "the least" of his brothers and sisters. This organization has the Karma of a Hitler and I feel sure we'll gaze in amazement at what happens to them in the end.

    Sorry to wax so eloquent and long about this topic. It's one that really gets my disgust circuits all going at the same time. Please humor me.


  • Mutz

    I have been mulling this one over for a while. As I have a close relationship with my family who are still 'in' I would like to maintain that if at all possible. However, when I start to think of the Elders knocking on my door and putting me on the spot I can feel my blood start to boil and I am afraid that I am going to let them have it with both barrels (and possibly a boot up the arse too). Has anyone had success with threatening legal action ie, if you announce that I have been DF'd and cause a division in my family I will sue? Maybe I'll tell them this anyway and hope it scares them. The editor of the local newspaper is an ex JW and I am sure he would LOVE to run a story about it. :)

  • Englishman

    Maybe Searcher has a very good idea here.

    Just supposing that everyone did all send in a letter of resignation to the KH. You would have to state that you intended to still be on very friendly speaking terms with everyone so's you weren't actually DA'ing yourself in the legal sense. Then when they did DF you, you could play merry hell with the media involvement. If hundreds of people did this together, the ripples would go for years, what with all the inter congregational gossip and all mixed in with media coverage.


  • Robdar

    Although my family would never shun me, I do not wish to put them in the position of having to defend me. That is why I haven't formally D/A myself from my former congregation. If I turn in my resignation letter, the poo will hit the fan and I dread how it will affect my parents. Besides, I have been out so long, and I live so far from my congregation, they really can't bother me anymore. But they can harm the ones I love. Since I no longer have contact with my former congregation, why bother with them? Now, if they seek me out, (I live 700 miles away) that is another matter altogether.


  • LB

    I waited nearly 3 years before sending in my DA letter. By sending it in only for me and not my wife assures us that my son would be allow to communicate with us.

    I honestly think the watchtower doesn't care how many quit or why. They are a business and have little concern for their followers.

  • Athanasius

    Back in 1989 a JC from my old congregation decided that since I hadn't attended meetings in over 5 years that I had disassociated myself. I don't think that this recent purge of inactive ones is a new policy.


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