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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The year 2002 has been full of change and growth for myself and for so many others. During the past year I have resurrected old ghosts and put them to rest. I have found ways to reclaim more of myself from the abuses of the past. The silentlambs movement opened an old wound and helped bring more closure to a painful part of my childhood.

    Many have been able to witness the media attention brought to victims of abuse in the WTS. Some have been key players, others, instrumental in the unfolding of events, while others bear witness to the tragic tales of so many who have been hurt through the last few decades.

    We have laughed and cried, held arms and supported, listened and shared our stories and found healing. Many of us have also been the recipients of disbelief and scorn of those who prefer to remain in denial. We know our truth and the truth of numbers helps strengthen our resolve to continue the path to healing. And we hope that in our journey, our sharing offers hope and support to others who feel alone.

    Thanks to those who offer a shoulder to cry on, the hand of friendship, an unconditional heart, a free mind willing to share thoughts, beliefs, opinions and freedom. Thanks too to all those who challenge our freedom of thoughts and feelings. Without them it is too easy to waver in the rightness of our path.

    Each year we grow in numbers - those who have left, for a variety of reasons but ultimately realize that freedom is better than a controlling god. We leave behind friends and family and supports. Often we leave and are alone and depressed. But slowly we get the courage to seek out new supports and new friendships. We seek out truth and freedom. We make new "families". We grow and heal

    My hope for myself is to never give up on the road to recovery.

    My hope for you is the same

    Bless each one and


    Lee's Recovery Page
  • onacruse

    We have laughed and cried, held arms and supported, listened and shared our stories and found healing.

    Yep, that's what this is all about, isn't it?



  • searcher

    Happy New Year Lady Lee.


  • ugg

    i just read part of your web page....thank you for posting it....i am glad you survived,,,i hope you have the best year you have ever so deserve it.....

  • flower

    Happy New Year to you Lee

  • Blueblades

    LEE,Thank you for your Wish,I feel the same way toward you and all who have posted here this year.I came aboard in august and my family has been helped very much by all the support from the Newbies,Juniors,Seniors,Masters,Jedi's,Emperor,and Supremes.What a treasure of knowledge my family has found in the Archives of all the members.Thanks Lee! Blueblades

  • Joyzabel

    Happy New Year to you LadyLee and family.

    May you continue to grow and love and laugh and heal.

    You are one terrific lady!


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