Update on Step Son

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  • Yerusalyim

    Well, Sean went and spent four days with his brother in MO. He wasn't allowed to stay at his dad's house down the road. Step Mom won't allow it.

    Anyway, the first night there Dad tells him if he becomes a Catholic he will disown Sean. Tells Sean that Sean KNOWS the Society is the truth. (Sean's comment to me was, "Oh, yeah, why, because THEY say it's the truth."

    At any rate, it looks as if Sean is sticking to his guns. There were no Elders present. I said to Sean that even if his dad did disown him, what's the change, he's not allowed in that house anyhow, nor does his dad ever call. Still, I feel for Sean, he's making some tough choices.

  • Mum

    Sorry, Yeru, I am not familiar with the background on Sean's story, but it sounds like he's having a tough time. How old is he? No matter how old he is, he seems to have his head on straighter than some of the adults in his life.

    That JW cult does strip people of natural affection. If my child wanted to be a Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem or atheist, she would still be the apple of my eye. Tell Sean that we all love him no matter which religion he chooses, and that we all go through changes and adjustments to our points of view and outlook.

    I'm glad you're there for him.

    Happy New Year!


  • Shakita


    Your stepson is a class act. He is not allowing himself to be bullied or shamed into remaining a JW. He is making his own choices in life as every adult has the right to. For his father to be so callous toward his own son and threaten to shun him if he becomes a Catholic is despicable. Your stepson was born into this religion so he didn't have the freedom to make his own choice as to what religion, if any, he wanted to belong to. It is so hypocritical that the JW's fight for freedom of religion in the courts, but deny that same freedom to those children of JW's who can't conscientously support and be a member of a religion so full of deceit and lies. The sad and pathetic part is that his father would shun him, not because your stepson is a bad person, but just because he disagreed with his father's religion.

    Mr. Shakita

  • Utopian_Raindrops


    I have been waiting for you to tell us of Sean!!

    I am so happy he is sticking to his guns!!

    I had the, You know what The Truth is! Thrown at me by a sister I love when I was young.

    It made me feel like I was doing something wrong by not being JW.

    Thing is as you pointed out Seans dad is cold and doesnt even call him! Same with this sister.

    She was real cold and my family were atheist and I was a teen. Youd think she and others would have visited regularly to encourage me.

    You are Seans father and he doesnt need another one. You are spiritually guiding him not Mr.Sperm donor.

    Sean is very blessed to have you Sir and I pray he can remain strong in his choice of worship to his Creator.

    Since I have been severely damaged by The Jehovah Witness Religion I dont know if I could actually be Catholic or any Religion BUT, I will say The Catholic Church as more charity for its people and for NON Catholics then the JW Religion has. There are Catholic Missionaries and so they are spreading The Good News in their own way. They have mercy for repentant sinners with the provision of confession without worry of harsh punishment. For those who have a hard time forgiving themselves my understanding is youre assigned so many prayers or something to recite. People would be surprised how having such a thing could help heal the soul and broken heart. Often a person although forgiven by God cannot forgive himself or herself. In Ancient Israel there were sacrifices to give that helped ease the conscience. As a JW this was made fun of but, I can see how it is truly loving and helpful to the down hearted.

    Give Sean a ((((Hug)))) from me.

    He is a very brave young man.

    Thank-you for sharing Yeru.

    Agape, Utopian_Raindrops

  • Scully


    I'm sorry Sean's father has been such a horrible person to him. I'm glad he's aware of the emotional blackmail (ie, "I'll disown you if you leave The Truth TM " etc) that's being used on him. I would venture to guess that Sean's father has already disowned him in his heart - you have to be emotionally detached from someone and not truly love them to say things like that, to even forbid someone in their home.

    I'm glad you've been there for him, and are still there for him now. Give him a hug for us.

    Love, Scully

  • Francois

    Ain't the JWs a class act? I'm with you all all the way. If my daughter announced that she had become a bi-sexual lesbian-leaning leftist who worshipped a mother ship from outer space while running in circles in the woods around a roaring fire while sexually connected to a goat, I'd love her still the way I do today. I'm like God in that respect, nothing and I do mean nothing could separate me from my love for my daughter. And so are all of you the same.

    Anyone who would sacrifice their love for anyone else because of the ever-changing dictates of a group of 13 senile octogenerians in Brooklyn who have yet to get anything right, didn't deserve the Love of that person in the first place. IMHO.


  • ugg

    he should just beable to live his life....freedoms taken away by religion....sad...

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