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    Tanalyst said:

    I was so lost,I had no idea what he was talking about, but he let me borrow the volume.He used to be Wt. Farm Overseer.

    And now you know that he didn't have a clue what he was talking about either. Everything just falls into place with this apostacy thing, doesn't it?

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    ps, not to be kinky but could you elaborate on this, nothingman
    I used to skip out on morning worship as much as I could, opting instead for a bagle & coffee from this little place on hicks st.. but I was bummed that I missed the day when Losche went off on how once women get it, they develop this craving for it & have to have it all the time... I wish I heard his whole comment.. maybe you remember that JT.. & could remind me.. How long ago did you leave?
    For a while I just used to think it was an european thing, losch is wierd because has a different background & that's cool.. but I think that if there is such a thing as objectivity, he's probably just plain wacked..

    Barber was a cool old grandpa type, who you'd just watch & feel sorry that people get old. He loved the camera, & every young sister who went on tour probably still has a photograph with Barber's arm around her.. "Hey, did you get your money's worth" he'd ask every group that passed, because of course the joke was new to each tour, & everyone seemed to laugh.. - I still wonder if I got my money's worth.. but I think I did, the laundry bag I stole when I left has got to be one of the most valuable things I own to this day..

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    My most memorable GB experience was when Karl Klein gave a service talk at morning worship one time about these 2 JWs who had committed adultery with each other, got disfellowshipped, got divorced from their JW mates, got married to each other, and then reinstated. After they were reinstated, this newly reinstated couple had a baby whom Klein affectionately referred to as a "mongoloid child". Klein then went on to explain how Jehovah gave this couple a "mongoloid child" as a punishment because of their previous sin of adultery.

    Gangas liked to grill you with all kinds of doctrinal questions at the dinner table. Most bethelites that I knew would try to avoid sitting with him at dinner.

    I found Schroeder and his wife to be snobs. His wife was particularly snobby and they really would not make much conversation with you except to ask for a "paper serviette". As a ignorant JW country boy from south Louisiana, I had no idea what she was asking for.

    Henschel seemed like an okay guy. I once had dinner with him and this temporary worker was trying to pump him with questions about all kinds of secret information. Henschel was pretty tolerating of this guy and this guy would never give up.

    The guys who were the most difficult to deal with were the home overseers. They loved enforcing all kinds of bizarre rules. One of my home overseers hated my roomate's University of Georgia Football National Championship coke bottle that he kept on his dresser. I guess one of the housekeepers saw it while snooping around in the room. They actually had a private meeting about a coke bottle and whether it was appropriate for a bethelite to have one or not.

    Ahhh, the craziness that happens at that place. I am so glad I left that place. I am also so happy that I went there. If I had not gone there, I might still be JW. Bethel helped open my eyes.

    Jeff S.

    Jeff S.

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