MORE Smurfs of JWD Fun for New Years! MORE

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  • songmistress


    Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. Oh did I say Thankyou. I love my Smurf

    An' I'm gonna hug him and squeeze him and call him George. (George Smurf that is)


  • Prisca
  • Prisca

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  • xenawarrior

    Happy New Year folks!!!

    (((((((((((((((NPY)))))))))))))) Love ya and thank you !!!!

    Prisca and Refiners: I wish you could somehow appreciate how much I enjoyed putting this together with some of the memories of the folks here at JWD who I have come in contact with and what I've learned about them over some of the past year. Some I've grown to love.

    I am dumbfounded how this heartfelt post could have turned into something for either of you. It was my Happy Last Year and Happy New Year post to folks here (although not all of them because I couldn't find enough smurfs).

    Some things are just obvious and this is a New Year and I'm still finding smurfs to post to my thread so I will request that my thread not be turned into anything other than I originally intended.

    Peace be with you in this New Year!!!


  • Cassiline

    Please excuse me for barging in here like this. This was such a cute/nice thread. What happened? Why the anger? Rhetorical question.

    Please everyone its a bright New Year lets try to keep the past in the past and one foot in our future and not the past. Unsure the future is, but it *is* what we make of it not what someone else tries to make of it.

    Now is the *only* chance we get to try to make for ourselves peace and happiness. For no one can make us angry and hurt we allow ourselves to feel that way and react how we deem fit. I do not expect those who have been on bad terms to hug and kiss but try at least to make amends and if that is not possible stay out of one anothers way or just try not to respond in kind.

    My apologies again for barging in.

    XW very cute thread.



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  • xenawarrior

    k, found some more:

    Cassi Max-keep an eye on her!!!

    The Star

    Ring A Sled huh??

    Beck_Melbourne- different color hair perhaps but I'm certain of the hospitality!!

    Yizuman - NOT poking fun- it was there hon!!

    AlanF- thanks for taking that dive!!!

    The Governing Body- go ahead, sleep it off- others will carry on!!!


  • scootergirl

    LOL are too funny!

  • Simon

    Just for info:

    I deleted the 'argument' by notyetperfect, Prisca and Refiners fire

    Sorry for the interruption.

    BTW: Thanks for the smurfs! lol

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  • Angharad

    Great thread XW where did you find all those smurfs?

  • Cassiline

    Cassi Max-keep an eye on her!!!

    OMG XW too funny. I have a feeling that this will be the "Cassi" doll that is marketed by Simon and Co.!! Not the Kick butt one he spoke of in Max's thread!! LOL How ever did you find one that suits me so very well?

    I needed this laugh this morning. Thanks XW. Happy New Year to you!!!

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