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  • worf

    I have been told that the Brooklyn Assembly Hall located on Flatbush Avenue In Brooklyn New York and otherwise known as the Albemarle Theatre, has been sold.

    Has anyone else heard this? Can anyone here confirm this?

    Thanks for any info.


  • jwsons

    I don't know about Brooklyn Assembly Hall yet but something new related here


  • hillbilly

    If that's true they have sold to Assembly halls in the NYC metro area.... what are the plans for replacing the seating? Assembly halls are usually booked 48 or 50 weeks a year in dense areas.

    Won't it be grand if they return to High school gyms in NYC? Such a blessing from God that CEASAR built this fine Gym and these cushy steel chairs.

    The "New Breed" witness just couldnt cut it 30 years ago...

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    You said a mouthful hillbilly! Today's witnesses couldn't have cut it.. 30 ...years ago..but at least we had sit down hotmeals!

    The heatstroke and food poisoning was an added touch!...


  • benext

    It would seem unlikely this Assembly Hall was sold there are two KH in the basement. Unless they plan on converting space in the factory buildings to meeting places.

  • undercover

    ...their work on the former Masonic Temple at 385 Broadway was praised by the commission's executive director, Michael Wing.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses are cleaning up, repainting and refurbishing the temple in a way that meets their needs for worship but doesn't despoil the building's original intent, said Wing. A large Masonic symbol in ornate floor tile has been covered with a circular rug, he said.

    Other symbols on the outside of the building have been covered with stucco, he said.

    The congregation could have obliterated both, but they remain, he said.

    The Masonic symbol was covered by a rug? Is this acceptable to Jehovah in his house of worship?

    Does this mean I can hang Heavy Metal bands, movie star and sport star posters on my walls but just cover them with a curtain and that would be OK by the GB?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    As I recounted in an earlier thread, I was in on the renovation of NYC's first Assembly Hall, in Queens. That building, a former movie theater, was loaded with mystic Egyptian motifs including innumerable crux ansata (cross-like phallic symbols) incised into the mouldlings. Knorr and other bigwigs were not about fret over obliterating these sympols if it meant slowing down the makever.

    It was only when the locals who attended sessions there raised a stink and began to question openly whether the Society really meant what it said about ``getting out Babylon" and ``avoiding even the slightly impression of any toleration of false religious practices and traditions" did we get serious about plastering these over.

  • undercover
    It was only when the locals who attended sessions there raised a stink and began to question openly whether the Society really meant what it said about ``getting out Babylon" and ``avoiding even the slightly impression of any toleration of false religious practices and traditions" did we get serious about plastering these over.

    Well, the locals or the R&F were taught well then. The Society keeps pounding "flee from Babylon", "Babylon the Great will be destroyed" and other information about service to Jehovah being uncorrupted by idols and images in the followers brains enough that this reaction should have been expected.

    Personnally, I think it's great that historic buildings are preserved as original. Pagan influences and all. But for a group that pushes such high ideals and idealogy on it's member so as to not have any thing that can be taken as false worhip images(even when used for simple decor) in their homes but allows it in their buildings smacks of hypocrisy.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Room215,

    Was that the Assembly Hall in Greenpoint? I was there soon after it opened, and I knew some of the Bethelites who were resident caretakers there. Wasn't that the first Assembly Hall in the US?

    I recall how stunned many of us were that the Society left so much of the Egyptian motif intact - as you indicated, we had been taught to hate that which Jehovah hates, only to find out that Jehovah was kidding...

    Undercover, I agree with you, about preserving buildings, now that I am so long out of the WTS. But seriously, who has not felt spiritually moved and inspired by the stunning architecture of the typical Kingdom Hall? - OK, now I'm joking. The JW "destroy all infidel culture" mindset is identical to today's Taliban, who ordered the destruction of the giant buddha statues, or the ancient fanatic who felt that the burning of the library at Alexandria was justified because those books that agreed with the Koran were redundant, and those that disagreed where heresy.

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  • Masterji

    On a wall in the Stanley Theater was a picture of a goat.

    We removed the tiles that made up his horns and beard. Shazam! Captain Marvel!

    And just like that, the old billy goat became a sheep!


  • back2dafront

    Man, it seems like the borg is pulling out of NYC as if it were about to blow up or something.

    Interesting indeed.

  • MikeMusto

    no the assembley hall in flatbush has not been sold. Was just

    at a Circuit Assembley there 3 weeks ago

  • NewYork44M


    Was just

    at a Circuit Assembley there 3 weeks ago

    My sympathies to you Mike. The Flatbush assembly hall has to be in one of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The walk from the assembly hall to the subway stop is frightening.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Nathan, re Greenpoint Avenue Asembly Hall: you're right on all counts and I also share undercover's preference for preservation of historic buildings. Typically, the Society often emits mixed signals that confuse rather than clarify. One the one hand the message is to distance and purge oneself of any vestiges of paganism in the interests of spiritual purity; on the other hand (the recent article on Hawaiin luaus being one prominent example, and another older one on decorations such as the Fleur de Lys), they see no objecfion to the use of those they deem to have long lost their association with their original symbolism.

    How can anyone take these guys seriously?

  • Elsewhere

    They covered over the pagan symbols at the assembly hall?

    I seem to recall a brother telling me that we will be safe in a KH during Armageddon because only buildings of false religion will be destroyed. He said we would never want to be in a building of false religion when Armageddon came because the building would be destroyed with us in it.

    He told me that it would be dangerous to be in a building of false religion at any time because Armageddon might happen to come while we were in the building.

    With those things in mind... I have a few questions...

    1. Will the assembly hall with the covered pagan symbols be spared during Armageddon?
    2. If so, won't some piece of false religion then survive Armageddon in the form of pagan symbols?
    3. If the assembly hall is destroyed during Armageddon, would that not mean that many "faithful servants of Jehovah" will be forever destroyed - unable to be resurrected?

  • back2dafront

    Anyone have any confirmation on the sale of this Assembly Hall or any other ones in the area?

    If it's true I'm tripping on how quickly they're pulling out of NYC. It's one thing to move the printing facilities elsewhere due to cost, but why sell the Assembly Halls???

    Either they

    • Anticipate lawsuits due to the blood issue and/or paedophilia.
    • Are seeing a drastic decrease in donations and members.
    • Are led by Freemasons and therefore are aware of a plot to nuke NYC, and want to get as much monetary assets out of harms way before D-day - they of course couldn't sell everything because that would be too obvious after the fact.
    • or none of the above.

    What say?

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