GJackson Hopes to ask Jesus a question in the future-Will He?

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  • TakeOffTheCrown

    Geoffrey Jackson said in answer to this question during his testimony before the Royal Commission:


    34 Q. Is it not the case that had Jesus been asked about

    35 a case of sexual abuse, he may have referred back to this

    36 part of Deuteronomy and said that it's not required to have

    37 two witnesses?


    38 A. I certainly would like to ask Jesus that, and I can't

    39 at the moment, I hope to in the future. But that's

    40 a hypothetical question which, if we had an answer, then we

    41 could support what you said.

    How can Jackson be so sure he will Have an opportunity in the future to ask Jesus any questions after he dies? He does not know for sure what is going to happen to him when he dies. He may not wake up in a resurrection to heaven or earth. But, no one on this earth will be able to check it; no one will know what has happened to him when he dies. This is something he is probably counting on - that no one on earth will be able to verify what has happened to him. So, he can say he hopes to ask Jesus a question in the future, because he knows no human will be able to refute his claim.


    " I hope to in the future."

    This was one of the statements which has rubber-stamped the FACT that these men are not well at all -


  • Crazyguy
    Nope Jesus would kill him in a heart beat.
  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    So what happened to the claim that the FDS is God's channel of communication to mankind in our day?

    To the faithful they claim they are, to the courts, they claim they're not,

  • JustVisting
    Maybe he can call heaven on that Apple watch/phone he kept glancing at.
  • Heaven

    How does one ask a dead person a question?

    How does a dead person ask another dead person a question?

    Jackson will never ask Jesus of Nazareth a question. If Jesus did exist, he died a long time ago.

  • cantleave

    How does a dead person ask another dead person a question?

    Like this....

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