Geoffrey Jackson - Freedome Of Religon Within Jehovah's Witnesses - VIDEO

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  • OneEyedJoe

    Did he really try to sell disassociating as a RIGHT that people have?

    So if you don't want to be subject to stalking, constant emotional manipulation, having to hide participation in normal human activities (holidays, sex, voting, etc), inability to express yourself honestly with your family (meanwhile they can talk about the cult all they like), and more - all you have to do is pull the trigger and commit complete social suicide and say good by to everyone that you've ever known and loved. What a great supporter of human rights this organization is!

  • Vidiot

    paradisebeauty - "When asked if they consider themselves the spokespersons for God, jackson says it would be quite presomptuous to say they are spokespersons of God, but they DO say they are the only channel of communication of God on earth."

    "Now, I'm not saying that we're God's spokesmen...

    ...but we're God's spokesmen."

  • clarity

    And yet.........they claim they have NOT BEEN PICKED yet!


    But now, the teaching is that Christ has YET to finally approve the Governing Body in its role as the composite slave. With this in mind, you would expect the Governing Body members to exercise a bit of humility, and not try to second guess the decision that Christ is due to make in the future during the Great Tribulation when he finally arrives to inspect his slave class. Instead, the Governing Body boldly makes Christ’s decision for him in advance. Note what is said on page 25…

    “In view of the foregoing, what can we conclude? When Jesus comes for judgment during the great tribulation, he will find that the faithful slave has been loyally dispensing timely spiritual food to the domestics. Jesus will then delight in making the second appointment – over all his belongings.” (w13 7/15 p.25 par.18, bold mine)"

  • _Morpheus
    That son of a b%%%%. That particular exchange is infuriating

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