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  • OverlappingGeneralizations
    Hello all- Nice forum.

    I have been contemplating a fade for a while, and I have been reading various sites such as this one. I have seen all kinds of things that have made me think. But something came to mind lately, and I wanted to throw it out there-

    Satan was cast down to the earth, and he is supposedly the cause of all imperfection. We inherited it too, I guess. Anyhow, after Armageddon, when he gets abyssed, we will be able to grow to perfection. So it's almost as if it's not so much our inheritance, it's satan's proximity to us causing the imperfection. When he leaves the earth, we can return to perfection over time.

    What got me to thinking, what if WE leave the earth? Satan wasn't cast to the moon, the international space station, Mars, etc. Wouldn't a trip to the international space station be very refreshing, being out of satans reach? He is confined to the earth and all. How come the astronauts who spend time outside of the earth don't show signs of regaining perfection? If we colonize mars, wouldn't we grow to perfection there, without satanic influence?

    Just a playful thought for y'all. I was in a philosophical mood.

  • sir82

    Satan was cast down to the earth, and he is supposedly the cause of all imperfection.

    JW doctrine is that Satan was "cast down to the earth" in 1914. Before that he kind of bounced back & forth between heaven & earth, apparently. According to JWs, he is only indirectly responsible for man's imperfection - it is really Adam's sin that led to said imperfection.

    Implied JW doctrine teaches that imperfection is some sort of genetic defect. So, unfortunately for your scenario, a JW would still teach that a human would eventually die even on Mars.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome O.G. It's always good to have new ones join us here.

    I can see we're going to have to work on you - to get you out the J.W. mind-set and vocabulary; such as -

    "We will be able to grow to perfection" & "we can return to perfection over time."

    If Christ became the second Adam, then why would anyone have to grow to perfection?

  • freemindfade
    keep your philosophical pondering going! The as you fade, and if you still attend meetings you will begin to see just how silly pretty much every word of the bible is. Its got more holes than a screen door. And welcome
  • antes8080

    Welcome O.G when you start thinking about becoming perfect in 1000 years what WT teaches doesn't make sense.

    Keep critical thinking and you will find the tatt

  • freemindfade

    Witnesses believe that garden of eden was a total accident, god wasn't testing mankind by putting the devil there to "test them"

    One of my great things I never accepted as a witness was that this was true, but after a thousand years he would..

    Let satan out to test mankind

    What is the point? Either this was his intention from the garden of eden, or this didn't balance out with it. He is testing mankind by introducing deception via this guy.

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    Thanks guys, I've had more personal encouragement in the last few replies than I have had for years at the hall, lol.

    I never understood the 'second test' after the abyss either. That's divine justice? Letting your enemy screw with your ant farm? TWICE? Then punish the ants?

    Back to my original post- Isn't satan being abyssed what allows our return to perfection to begin? If so, that goes back to the proximity theory over inherited imperfection (so you would be safe in space right now! lol). Isn't that how it goes?

    Thanks again guys. You make doubting fun.

  • LAWHFol

    I can't speak for Satan, or any other God other than One. However, you are on the correct line of reasoning.

    An allegory to explain this another way.

    There are 2 aspects of the Earth :

    Light - Light equates to Wisdom,Truth,Love

    Darkness - Darkness equates to Chaos,Pride,Evil

    In this Scenario, God is the Light Bearer, and all else is Darkness.

    When God fixes his attention on the affairs of earth, matters improve and Life draws closer to Perfection. When for any reason God Turns this Light away from the Earth, matters worsen, Evil increases, and Overall Chaos ensues.

    Suppose that the natural order of the Earth is Darkness, the situation only improves.

    This is Illustrated in the Bible when it is Said that God turns his face away from a People, or his presence is removed.

  • Heaven

    Welcome OG!

    If you start looking at the logic of Biblical and religious claims, you are going to see flaws.

    On a side note ... what do you think of Isaiah 45:7?

    Isaiah 45:7: I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. - KJV

  • antes8080

    Great point on the second test. The thing that scare me off is that they use the phrase " just a short time". It's been over 7000 years according to the WT and they still call it a short time. How long will Satan be released for?

    Rev 20:8 talks about he will gather the nations, what nations? I taught they will all be destroyed already.

    So when is the actual Armageddon before or after the 1000 years.

    You have great questions keep it up.

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