Will Jehovah`s Witnesses join with other religions in Compensation Payouts ?

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  • smiddy

    Justice McClellen asked G.Jackson about compensation for victims of child abuse , and McClellan suggested it be by a consortium of groups , presumably religious and secular in nature as a pool to dispense approppiate compensation to all of the victims involved .

    G.Jackson hesitated and said they would have to look at the details of that proposal , before committing to it.

    Jehovah`s Witnesses consider themselves as the only true religion and ,all others as false religion .

    They take pains to separate themselves from from any association with other religions , not even being included in newspaper notices about church services.They want to keep themselves separate and distinct from false religion as they see them.

    So how do you think they will handle this suggestion / requirement ? Will they join in aligning themselves with "Babylon The Great" in compensation .?

    Didn`t they align themselves with another religion in the U.S.A. some years ago , that had to do with the W.T. charging for literature ? , that being secondary to the other religions concern under investigation.?

    And that led to their not charging for literature such as the Watchtower or Awake magazines in their door to door ministry .


  • Zoos
    They take pains to separate themselves from from any association with other religions , not even being included in newspaper notices about church services.They want to keep themselves separate and distinct from false religion as they see them.

    Until they get caught up in a child sex abuse cover-up scandal and then they just want to blend in with the rest of Christendom as if they are nothing unusual, different, distinct. Just a normal, average religion with normal, average problems just like everyone else.

    "Nothing to see here folks."

  • Splash

    Everything they despise in one question.

    Spending money, having to publicly acknowledge their guilt and being lumped in with Babylon the Great.

    Oh please let it happen, and on a world wide scale!!

  • Mephis

    What is very unlikely to be on the table is for them to declare that redress is available and for them to then draw up their own rules for being able to claim it - which I'd suggest would be their ideal outcome if forced to make provision on their own. The commission's papers already say that individual funds have to also have totally independent means of making a claim so a survivor never is forced to deal with an organisation itself.

    Using the commission's figures, with the known number of survivors, and one suggested average figure for redress for each, it comes to a potential liability of something like $113m (Aus)/£53m/$83m (US). One of the WBTS' arguments, even to this commission, has been that they should only be held liable for abuse carried out by elders and ministerial servants. That hasn't carried any weight whatsoever with the commission, but when O'Brien talked about 'fairness' of proposed schemes that is the context.

    Can see them trying to drag this out for as long as they can really because it very much makes them not the special snowflakes they try to pretend they are, but yet another religion with a serious issue which handwaving away hasn't solved. They'll use 'be no part of the world' to defend this. Until the bad publicity becomes too much, and the court cases are lost and they realise this may be cheaper than paying £1m a time to the lawyers in each case, and then they'll decide it's like an insurance scheme so scripturally fine after all.

  • punkofnice

    They were involved in the UN until they got rumbled.

    Oh, they will resist or spin it. The WBT$ will find a way to do things on their own selfish terms.

    Make no mistake...the WBT$ will only perticipate if they can save a bob or two by doing so.

    The WBT$ are not a genuine religion. They are a corrupt corporation, a big scam business. It's all about the money.

  • oppostate

    If they could only keep it secret then yes, they'd pitch in with the rest.

    But it's going to get out that they'd be joining up with other religions, so no deal--they would lose their freedom of speech on that one, spiritually speaking of course. But money talks louder.

    In the end they'd have to weigh the cost, whether it's cheaper to pitch in with others or handle things on their own. And in this case the money may just be doing all the talking if they see the flood of victims claiming compensation.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Something tells me that they will choose not to be associated with other organizations, as I'm sure in their effort to remain aloof they would not want the public at large to view them as being in the same boat as the others in the context of not being "as offensive or as wicked"
  • Splash

    If forced to offer compensation, the WT seek to organise this process themselves.
    Given that they have already mistreated and further harmed abuse victims with traumatic and inadequate procedures and unqualified elders, they seek to compound the damage by making the victims apply to the WT (and all that would entail) for compensation.

    I think the WT are worried that if there is a simple and caring way for survivors to claim compensation, then every one of the abuse victims would do so, and the WT would be powerless to dissuade them.

    Without their usual non-disclosure clauses it would become public and expensive.

  • umbertoecho

    And if they refuse to align themselves collectively with other organizations in a pooled funding. Won't that draw a very negative reaction from the public, the RC and the government..?........It may cause the tax exempt status to be looked at re the WTBTS.

    It will be very interesting to see what happens on this point. It has been established that they have never had a form of insurance re the various claims that could arise.....Child Abuse being one of them....When asked about that, (and I can't recall who answered it now) The answer was........" ...because we have never had a claim over this issue..."

    Stupid answer really, since it had been established that they had never reported any...ever.

  • sir82
    If legally required to do so, they will appeal and drag their heels and wait until the last possible second before grudgingly paying out what is required. If it is not a legal requirement, no way they'll part with a penny.

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