Misleading The Australian Royal Commission

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  • mtwtf

    Has the Australian RC been given misleading assurances that JWs will fully comply with laws demanding that child sex offenses be reported to the police?

    It appears that way when we look at the background to these assurances. Several JWs testified to the RC, that they would have reported all child molestation cases to the police had they had been required to do so by law. Yes, it was strongly asserted that JWs would have reported every single case! 100%.

    The smarmy testimonies of most of JWs, clearly implied that JWs would never have allowed pedophiles to escape justice had there been laws in place requiring them to report child abuse to the authorities.

    It follows then, that the major reason why JW pedophiles have escaped justice to now, is entirely the fault of Australian law makers. It is certainly not because of any dereliction of civil/moral duty by JWs.

    A deeper examination of JW reasoning reveals that JW pedophiles have escaped justice because Satan’s system (the world) has failed to legislate to make JWs report pedophiles to the authorities! Yes! Satan is behind everything. Its amazing what the RC has dredged up.

    To better understand this connection, look at things from a JWs standpoint. Ask yourself: How could a JW know what to do when Satan’s system did not give them clear guidance and leadership? Remember also, that JWs do not run ahead of their leader!

    True, common law – not just legislative law – in many countries requires citizens to report crimes to the police but these laws are often vague. So how can JWs be expected to know if those laws applied to them as well as other citizens.

    The RC also exposed the fact that until they are told what to do – through clear legislation – JWs will do nothing. Then again, even if there is legislation, JWs may still do nothing. It is clearly a situation of :“maybe - perhaps”.

    Look at one example. Australia has Compulsory Voting laws for all Federal elections. Yet, JWs exploit every available loophole in the laws so that JWs never cast a vote. Indeed, any JW who breaks ranks and lodges a vote at any Australian compulsory parliamentary election is considered to have abandoned his faith and chosen to disassociate himself. The outcome for the JW voter is the same as being disfellowshipped.

    It remains to be seen whether a JW who reports his JW brother to the police for child sex abuse, will himself be considered by the congregation to have abandoned his faith because he has breached the spirit of 1Cor. 6:1-6. “...do not take your brother to court…” . Has the reporting brother now disassociated himself, or can JWs reinterpret this text and allow brothers to take each other to court?

    This possibility opens-up another can of worms for JWs. If scripture can be reinterpreted to meet current needs, why cannot JWs change the two witness rule?

    How many years of court challenges can be expected from JWs as they take-up the legal fight against laws which which pit JW against JW? No one should hold their breath while awaiting JW compliance with compulsory crime reporting laws.


    How many years of court challenges?? Who can say? As far as mandatory reporting, well...it's watchtarded.

    Geoffrey Jackson said that they had no problem reporting if it was mandatory. Yeah, we've heard it all before. He basically admitted that reporting is not in conflict with the scriptures. If it was, then no amount of laws could force the GB to comply, because Jesus' brothers can't break God's laws.

    So, in the process of shifting blame and trying to save face, Jackson shows that there is no valid reason for failing to report allegations to the Superior Authorities. Clergy/penitent privilege is not even a valid reason, otherwise no law of Caesar would merit reporting.

    Jackson screwed the pooch.


  • Oubliette

    You're overthinking this. They were required to report. Several states in Australia require mandatory reporting and the WT authorities (elders, etc.) still failed to report 100% of the time.

    That being said, it was brought out in the inquiry that in alll of Australia there is a legal concept know as misprision. According to this principal all citizens are required to report any and all criminal to the authorities. Again, the WT authorities (elders, etc.) still failed to report 100% of the time.

    Over 65 years, 1,006 known abusers, and the WT leadership dropped the ball every time. Every time.

    The scope of this failure is simply spectacular.


    Good point. The laws are different in Australia. So there was absolutely ZERO excuse to not report. I was not familiar with all the details and differences.

    The WTBTS has caused "evil to ones neighbor." which is in opposition to the spirit of the law, according to the bible. Again, they screwed the pooch.



    The Watchtower Reps didn`t fool the Australian Royal Commission..

    Especially WBT$ GB "Rock Star Pope",Geoffrey Jackson..

    He`s so stupid,he had no clue he made a fool of himself..

    None of them did..


    Without a doubt, "ALL" The WatchTower Reps are Congratulating Themselves for Giving a Fine Witness..

    Little realizing..


    ........................Everyone Else Is Laughing At Them..

    Image result for Laughing at you..http://reactiongif.org/wp-content/uploads/GIF/2014/08/GIF--laughing-funny-LOL-haha-hehe-hilarious-fun-happy-laugh-Jack-Nicholson-Anger-Management-GIF.gif

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
  • LisaRose

    They have consistently given instructions that in any such case the local elders are to call headquarters FIRST. You maythink this is so that the elders can be instructed to call local police when it is required, but in practice this does not seem to be the case. I suspect that the local elders are instructed to inform the police only when it is likely the matter will come to their attention of the anyway. Because otherwise, why are elders not instructed to call the authorities first, in those jurisdictions where it is required?

    In any event, why aren't the authorities contacted in every case of child molestation, as that would be the right thing to do to protect the congregation and the public?

    Total fail on theWatchtower's part.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Even when in locations of mandatory reporting, JW elders conduct an investigation into the allegations first, then call the Branch, then call the authorities. Already they have abandoned best standards of care, before they report to law enforcement.
  • umbertoecho

    Oubliette is quite right. If there is a known crime committed and a person or persons fail to report they are culpable to a degree for not informing the police. Now I am sure there are many crimes that go unreported, but this particular one of child abuse, can land some people in very hot water.

    I know this due to my own "reporting" of this crime against my children. She, the detective sat there listening, pen in hand, document infront of her........" So, are you willing to make a police report, an official report about this?"

    "Yes, why do you think I'm here, just to have a chat?"

    "No, I don't think that at all. It's just that we have so many come in and not make it official. When that happens we like to take actions that are in our powers to take".

    That was in the early 80s. I had no qualms about what I was about to do. Not one, I wanted action for the future of the children. I wanted them to know they had been defended and I was very sorry not to have seen this side of that man. The point is, that even back then, the police did have a great capacity to involve others if not supplied with the legal go ahead of the parent, guardian or complainant. I know that not much has been done in those years. The things is, they were trying to work at it even then. I'm very aware of how they must have felt frustrated.

    So there was always an obligation to report, it rarely happened though.

  • umbertoecho

    The command centre want's the elders to phone them so they can do a quick check on the legal statutes in that area, or country......or whatever.

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