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  • cobweb


    I used to visit this site about ten years ago. I haven't come her in a long time. I have just recently started talking to a family member who is leaving the JWs and I wanted to know what are the best sites available these days for finding out all the topics of information - failed prophecy, 1975, rutherford's drinking, russells tombstone - you know all of that kind of stuff.

    Back in the day there used to be a site run by a Norwegian I think called Kent. That had a lot of information all together broken up into subjects and articles. Then there was Randy Watters site which I gather is still going but looks about the same as when I last saw it, so maybe not really very attended to. Then there was a site called quotes I believe which just had quotes from watchtower pubs related to certain subjects. Not sure if thats still going.

    What are the best ones.

    Also is this still the main ex jw discussion forum. I see there is a redit forum. Is this still the daddy?

    Thanks in advance

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    For info jwfacts and jwsurvey are good. For discussion here, reddit and jehovahswitnessrecovery.
  • umbertoecho

    Depending on how fragile this person may feel and supposing there is still some loyalty to the society, it might be best to go to Berean Pickets. The harder sites may make this person feel very uncomfortable and therefore they may need some doctrines proven right or researched well as to why they are wrong.

    I know I spent ages, years on BP as I was often afraid of the sites where anything could crop up and scare me.............for some obscure reason I often felt I was in the wrong.....

  • Sabin
    this one
  • Listener
    Watchtower Examination is a great YouTube channel where he discusses doctrines and the manipulation of the organization.
  • Splash

    Not an 'ex' JW site, but one that exposes the problems with their teachings in a very gentle way (i.e. no forum lol) is perimeno.

    Run by an anointed. Some very logical explanations. Seems to have helped a lot of die-hards realise something is wrong.

  • cobweb
    Thanks all, that is really helpful. It is good to have a gentler option also. I hadn't heard of a lot of those. Glad to see this site is still going strong.
  • LostGeneration
  • cobweb

    What was great about the quotes site was that all it contained was qoutations from the witness literature. It showed up the way different dates had been given for the end of the system etc so well and the various flip flops.

    There was nothing controversial or scary in it and was very powerful for that reason. Does the quotes site live on anywhere. I seem to remember back in the day that there were some issues with take down notices from the society.

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