New Congregation Position Soon? ELDERESS?

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  • 7Starz

    I just listened to most of Geoffrey Jackson's Royal Commission testimony and I have to say I really enjoyed the multiple times he had to state he would get back to them and would research their questions.

    The Royal Commission was asking if policy could be changed to have women serve on a committee to decide the case and then that bodies decision be brought to the Elders to decide whether to show mercy or to disfellowship and individual. Three times the Judge had to ask Mr. Jackson to answer his question.

    It was amazing how Jackson could not find a scripture to show his Honor that women were prohibited to serve as Elders. He could only support that men are appointed as Elders.

    Hmm... I've never been a member of the Governing Body with all their years of so called spiritual training, but even I remember Deborah the Prophetess, when the Judge asked Jackson if women could serve as a judge.

    I was so hoping that the Judge or Mr. Stewart would refer to Deborah.

    Judges Chapter 4 explains it all. Even the Insight on the Scriptures Volume 1, published by Jehovah's Witnesses states on page 600 "Deborah dwelt under a palm tree located in the mountainous region of Ephraim between Ramah and Bethel; "the sons of Israel would go up to HER for JUDGEMENT."" Judges4:5

    The rest I will summarize: It states that Jehovah used Deborah; Barak insisted on the presence of Deborah as GOD's REPRESENTATIVE even though Deborah was a WOMAN.

    (Capitalization is mine).

    When Mr. Jackson stated that women are used to assist in cases where someone did not feel comfortable in approaching a male elder...I can say from my experience as a former Elder who served for over 20 years that I have never seen this happen.

    Jackson finally relents when the Judge asks if policy could be changed so they could have women serve on something like a sub committee and Jackson says it could be considered.

    So there you have it. Could there be a new position of Elderess?

    Imagine being the husband of an Elderess and then getting together with the husbands of other Elderesses? Kind of like the Elders wives get together now.

    Or the new power couple in the congregation of and Elder and Elderess husband and wife team?

    Of course I'm joking, because I can never see them changing their position on women serving in the congregation.

    Here's to hoping I am wrong.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Mr. Jackson's use of words such as 'may' or 'could' are as conclusive and trustworthy as the Org's current favourite word - 'soon'.
  • konceptual99
  • punkofnice

    His holiness watchtower pope wacko jacko is using theocratic warfare strategy(tm). IE the Governing body are doing what they always do in these situations - tell outright LIES to make themselves look good!

    I long to hear of their demise.

  • Lieu
    They'd be worse than the men at the onset because they'll be trying to prove they're just as stringent. Besides elders wives are the biggest gossip mongering trouble causers in most Congs. You would need rotation among all the female members for something like that to work. Or else you will have just created another small group of power abusing individuals.
  • sir82

    Oh please - he said they'd "consider" it.

    I happen to have a time machine, and here is how the GB meeting will go, when they "consider" it:

    Jackson: So now, brothers, as you recall, Satan's spawn, er, the Royal Commission, suggested we consider using women to help determine guilt in judicial cases involving child abuse....

    <Rest of GB bursts out into uncontrolled, hysterical laughter that lasts 15 minutes>

    Morris: Hoo, boy, thanks for the laugh, Geoff! OK, put it to a vote...let's see, that's 7 against, 0 for. Great. OK, next on our agenda,,,

  • GodZoo

    Yes I can see it now.. a young jw boy who has been sexually abused by a female eldress being interrogated by and having to recount all the intimate sexual details in front of a panel of elderly, unqualified, untrained, uneducated sexually frustrated female toilet cleaners..


    Forget that.. just call the police and have every case dealt with by highly trained and experienced and qualified professionals.

  • ToesUp


    It is so good to hear from you. We don't hear from you often enough. I remember reading about you and your wifes departure. You were quite "connected" within the org & we always enjoy reading your thoughts and experiences. It gives us hope that some of our "connected" family may one day depart.

    I agree, the Elderess thing will NEVER happen. As Mr. Jackson (his holiness) explained, women are the Co Pilots NOT the pilot.

  • Vidiot

    Sure, they'll "consider" it...

    ...the same way I'd "consider" gargling with broken glass.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Here's one of them!

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