Does Jehovah Really Care?

by BashfulAshG 8 Replies latest jw experiences

  • BashfulAshG
    I struggle with suicide often. I'm not suicidal now.
  • krejames
    I'm sorry to know that BahsfulAshG. Do you have someone you can talk to about it when you feel that way?
  • Crazyguy
    The god of the Bible has a track record of not caring. The reason for this is because he's just a statue that was dug up in 1929 in a city called Ugrarit. Before that he was just a Idol named Enki and before that he was a deity from a Sumerian city his name was Ea. It's to bad there is no god that cares and it's really sad after thousands of years we humans can't seam to get it through our heads.
  • sparrowdown

    Do not concern yourself with what the WT god cares about. The WT's God is not a nice person.

    You need to care.

    Care about and for yourself also, believe - believe your life has meaning regardless of what any God thinks.

  • freemindfade
    Bashfulashg I care. Also a lot of other compassionate people on here care. We all take care of each other.
  • Sabin
    Bashful, i believe God cares. Sometimes us humans get in to a place where its just to painful to keep swimming, it seems for just a moment that it would be better for everyone if we no longer breath. Do you have a help line you can ring? Dont be scared pick up the receiver dial the number & say "i`m feeling a little overwhelmed today" the person on the other end will take it from there. You are not alone. Big Hug for you.
  • jhine

    Bashful , I believe God cares , and because you are precious and loved you need to get proper help with this .

    Lots of people get to feel like this sometimes and talking things over with someone who understands will help .


  • Lieu

    Thinking about killing yourself? DONT!!!! God cares, your family cares, and we care about you. I think you should speak with a professional about it. Also, try and get into some outdoor activities and hobbies to keep yourself focused on living life happily. We must love ourselves first.

    Pay no mind to the negative comments, some people here don't have the good sense to know when their comments are highly improper at best & at worst, detrimental. Don't get hung up on the negative.

  • datto
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