I am traveling long way to meet stephen lett in sacramento would you like me to lgive message to him

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  • poopie
    This weekend
  • Oubliette

    Sure, tell him that I owe him a big, "Thanks!"

    For several years Lett gave talks at the District Conventions I attended. He is such an idiot that I couldn't even stand to look at the Big Screen while he pontificated in his particularly odd and condescending style.

    Watching him was was one of the first things that made me begin doubting that this was God's "One True Religion."

    I figured there's no way in hell that any sentient being would ever pick that ridiculous buffoon to represent him.

  • sparrowdown

    You are always so economical with your info but WTH, I'm intrigued.

    Why are you going to meet the Lettster poopie?

  • 3rdgen
    Sparrowdown, I'm intrigued too. I am a couple of hrs North of Sac so I would love to be a fly on the wall. Does Letts visit have anything to do with the translation office there?
  • joe134cd
    Yeah ask him why the video clip was removed off jw.org about child abuse been apostate driven lies.
  • 3rdgen

    Oh I forgot, My question to Lett is: Why, after writing 3 heartfelt letters (including scriptures) that were sent to the desk and hand delivered to at least one GB member, did we never receive a written answer?

    The letters contained copies of a conditional loan my elderly, widowed, faithful JW mother with dementia had given to them. I, acting with her power of attorney, was asking for repayment of the loan to help pay for her care. Watchtower not only refused to repay the loan they refused to even say why. After a solid year of letter writing my husband got a verbal response which was "Put her on welfare". Why did they refuse to put their answer in writing? (as if I didn't know)

    I would still like to hear what he would say. Let Lett know they helped me to see the TTATT. Now I am greatful.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Depends on the nature of the way you intend to communicate. You just going to hand him a letter maybe? that could be fun.

    Or do you plan on shaking his hand and posing a question that may make him uncomfortable? I would go straight for the Australian commission.

    In a letter, I think something diplomatic that was written in a format to where he HAD to read the entire thing (not starting in on him with rants), might be a good way to go. Maybe lamenting how many people are leaving, and if he is aware of just how much damage is being done by the revisions of long held doctrine, the child abuse scandals, the unwillingness to consider reforming the ban on blood, and the way the local congregations are being guided by the "chieftains of the new world" (ie: elders).

  • Illuminated

    If he's related to...

  • sparrowdown
    You could suggest he start a new career as a mime.
  • poopie
    Thats funny

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