Today's WT glancing at the opposite sex is flirting and therefore immortality

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  • purrpurr

    In today's WT study it makes the point that just glancing at the opposite sex is flirting and can lead to sex!

    So are jw's now to wear blinkers?

    Also jw's are told to go and confess to the elders if they have any immoral thoughts?!!

    Do any jw's really do this? I mean if they really did this then surely we would all be confessing every day?

    Do they really take this stuff seriously? Don't look at the opposite sex really?!!

  • brandnew
    How are you supposed to find a marriage mate?.....ask a sister what another sister looks like? And yeah ....callin a chick who you want to date "SISTER" a turn off from the get😕
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Next Watchtower: New Light has revealed it necessary for sisters to wear burkas ....
  • stillin

    I still keep that contract with my eyes about looking at women too much. I love women, don't get me wrong, but it's just creepy to be undressing them with my eyes. I also don't care to be manipulated into peeking down a woman's shirt.

    It's me. I don't trust myself not to reach out for a handful.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    just glancing at the opposite sex is flirting and can lead to sex!

    Also jw's are told to go and confess to the elders if they have any immoral thoughts

    What was Jackson saying at the RC, that the GB doesn't like to go beyond the things written?


  • SecretSlaveClass


    There is a huge difference between staring at a lady or "undressing her with your eyes" and giving an appreciative glance. People tend to forget that above all we're nothing more than animals with higher intelligence and a higher degree of cognitive ability. We're subject to the same laws of attraction as animals because we are influenced by the same hormones which apparently "He" created us with in the first place (so blame him I suppose). We have the ability to comprehend beauty and sexuality and I will say to anyone's face that they are a liar if they claim to not find some degree of enjoyment in appreciating the beauty of a fellow human.

    Then there is another aspect to it. I can look at someone and admire their genetics, an athlete as an example. I see someone with a low center of gravity and think what a great power lifter or wrestler he/she would make. Or study someone's physique and ponder whether that person enjoys running or swimming. Looking at someone does not automatically imply sexual interest, that's preposterous! Talk about being presumptuous Lord Savior Jackson, how's that for presumptuous!

  • Zoos
    Whew! I'm gay.
  • Heaven

    Angus Stewart commented on Jehovah's Witnesses having "the perfect storm" of conditions for child sexual abuse to be prevalent.

    One of the conditions that has been found to be present when child sexual abuse is occurring is repressive norms on masturbation and pre-marital sex.

    This advice from Botchtower is making things worse.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Heaven: well put. This is exactly part of the cause for pedophilia amongst Catholic Priests - being forced to abstain from acceptable sexual behavior!
  • tiki
    The assumption is that everyone is ready to jump anyone they look at and sorry folks...that is not the reality. Their advice on human matters is based largely on ignorance.

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