OFS Did It Again

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  • OneFingerSalute

    So once again I was able to make a comment to tweak those who were at this mornings WT parrot session using their own printed words.

    The question on par. 10 was, "Why is flirting dangerous?"

    My answer was, "The paragraph helps us know that flirting will lead to unclean desires, and as the scripture in par. 2 says the desire will give birth to sin. In this case flirting results in sex. And as the governing body had printed in a WT a few years ago about saying a greeting, 'We all know a simple "hello" is the first step leading to a conversation and friendship, and we would not want to take that first step.' so we today would not want to greet or engage in conversation with anyone we aren't married to, as that is the first step leading to a friendship, which would lead to flirting and sex."

  • ToesUp
    Wow! Great comment. Did you receive any feed back from the conductor?
  • brandnew
  • brandnew
    JWOS.......jehovahs witness oral sex......😁.... Just talkin to a chick at the kh, is like havin sex with her......wowsers!!!!!
  • OneFingerSalute


    Actually yes, he did come up to me shortly after the final prayer and mentioned how he appreciated my unique perspective, and how it was refreshing to hear someone not afraid to "tell it like it is".

    I guess he doesn't recognize sarcasm when he hears it.

  • FayeDunaway

    Lol OFS! I don't know why the conductor ever calls on you, he must be desperate,...I can see it now, him looking all around the KH, PRAYING for a different hand to go up, and then swallowing hard, saying 'Br. OFS?' and then holding his breath...

    ok,....I just read your comment, wow!! I can't believe he doesn't get it. You definitely do tell it like it is, actually you sound like someone from ISIS, but apparently that's appealing to him.

  • cultBgone
    Brandnew -Talking to female = oral sex. 😂😂😂😂😂
  • brandnew
    Just sayin.....
  • brandnew
    Ok the gb dont actually write this shit up, but they do have to approve it for publishing. My point being.....they totally agree that chicks look hot at the meetings... Tight pants tony may think men look good in tight pants...and Sam herd just doesnt like women at all...unless they are cooking, or cleaning, and playin house.
  • SecretSlaveClass

    OFS I would have loved to have seen the expressions on the congregation's faces.

    BrandNew.. Lol!

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