It's ALL good today

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  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    Because today is Mommie and Papa Dark's tenth wedding anniversary! The MIL took us out to dinner last night; it was very nice. Today I get to go see my sister!!! I will spend the afternoon with her and catch up on stuff. This is the nicest anniversary present PD could give me. (We have to borrow a car to go since ours is too rickety to trust for the ride. It's not a simple thing to pry Mommie out of her cave these days and hurl her across the planet's face at 60 mph... PD's efforts are pretty heroic IMO, and I love him for it.)

    Those of you who know the Dark family tale can appreciate the gawky awe with which I mark this occasion. The rest of you must take my word that to some minds, our relationship is incomprehensible and bizarre, and the fact that the resulting marriage has lasted this long and stayed this strong (and fun!) is a testament to the stubborn tenacity of the highly eccentric. To those minds, I say this: PHHHBBBBTHPPBB!!! (raspberry sounds) Eccentric maybe, but who cares when we have this bliss?

    Off to prep for the big day's events,

    PS even the JWs here can say 'happy anniversary'without shuddering! Isn't it nice when we can all get along?

  • Angharad

    Happy Anniversary Mommie Dark

    Hope you have a great day!

  • COMF

    I'm happy right along with y'all, Mommy! Loved that line about the tenacity of the highly eccentric. Wishing you 10 more and then 20 more after that,


  • Esmeralda

    Tenacity of the highly eccentric...Mommy dear I think you just hit on the very
    reason that I'm still alive and good ol' "JackDawson" and I ended up together...

    Have a blissful day...I'm so happy for you. I will do a little happy dance (and believe me,
    that takes some effort *lol*) for you later in the day...A.C. (after coffee)

    Love ya much...enjoy your day. Hopefully the first of many better ones to come.


  • mommy

    Happy Happy
    I hope you wear your seatbelt Have a great day and enjoy the time you have with your family.

    our relationship is incomprehensible and bizarre,

    I have one of those too. We are so different, but perfect for each other. Wishing you all the happiness.

  • Tina

    Happy Anniversary MD&PD!!!!!!!luv yas-(you got mail
    ((((((((((((MD&PD)))))))))))))))))))) Tina

  • riz


    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a spectacular day!


  • outnfree

    It certainly is!
    Happy Anniversary, MommieDark!

  • sf

    Good mornin' darlin',

    Yes, what a great day it is for you both and the rest of your family
    to have Papa. I just wanna say have a terrific anniversary and hold each other extra tight...hehe...tonight. I love you all.
    XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX(dont forget the ice cream)

  • TR


    Hope all goes well for you and your family. Enjoy your special day!


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