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  • Jackson

    Abstain from blood, means no blood in all cases. Products made from red blood cells of cows would be prohibited if the Brooklyn Borg actually followed the scriptures. I'm sure they will tap dance and say Hemopure isn't blood in the sence of the Bible and allow it. That way they can say, "See here, we are are allowing our followers real choices in this kind of therapy." Not allowing for the many who have died because of their mindless, petty, and un-scripural practices that have condemned so many to surfer so needlessly.

  • Osarsif

    FROM: Henry van Staden

    SA first to approve blood substitute

    April 10 2001 at 03:47PM

    South Africa's Medicines Control Council moved ahead of its
    European and North American counterparts by becoming the first
    medical regulator to approve the use of a groundbreaking product
    which can replace blood transfusions.

    Hemopure can be used for the treatment of acute anaemia. And it
    can be used instead of red blood cell transfusions in adult
    surgery patients, healthcare provider Netcare announced in
    Johannesburg on Tuesday.

    The world's first oxygen-carrying solution, administered
    intravenously, is compatible with all blood types, does not need
    prior testing or screening and has a shelf life of two years.
    Blood deteriorates after a few weeks of storage.

    The product is seen to have a potentially large market. It can be
    used in the treatment of cancer therapy, and when blood is
    required during medical emergencies.

    Without oxygen, humans face cell damage or organ failure if they
    are not administered the life-giving gas within 10 minutes of it
    being required.

    The product can also be kept in stock by militaries at room

    Hemopure, as a substitute to blood, carries oxygen via the
    bloodstream to the body's tissue. This is accomplished by
    introducing modified haemoglobin into plasma, which is the fluid
    component of blood.

    Developed over 17 years and tested for nine years during clinical
    trials, the product has passed the standards of the MCC.

    It was approved on Monday afternoon, after a two-year application

    Hemopure is made using haemoglobin from cows under a technique
    that prevents the transmission to humans of bovine diseases,
    including mad cow disease.

    Manufacturers, the Biopure Corporation, contracted Netcare and
    empowerment company Community Healthcare to distribute and market
    the product in Africa for the next five years.

    Netcare chief executive officer Dr Richard Friedland said
    Hemopure could profoundly impact on health issues facing Africa,
    especially rural parts where electricity and fridges need to
    store blood are often rare.

    Dr Anna Mokgokong, CEO of Community Healthcare said the product
    will be launched on the South African market next year.

    In the interim it will be introduced on a controlled basis to
    selected Netcare hospitals. Doctors, including those at various
    state hospitals, will be trained on the uses and benefits of the

    Friedland declined to discuss the cost of the product, which is
    expected to become more viable once the product is available on a
    wider scale.

    Biopure have guaranteed South Africa a significant supply of its
    product and have agreed to preferential pricing to the public

    CEO Carl Rausch said in the United States the demand for blood
    increased by about four percent annually, translating to around
    12 million units, yet the blood supply was decreasing. Hemopure
    could therefore supplement the function of blood banks. About 200
    000 units will be produced this year.

    Biopure plans to file a marketing application this year for
    approval of Hemopure in the United States and Europe.

    Friedland said the scientists who developed Hemopure could well
    be in line as future recipients of the Nobel Prize for
    medicine. - Sapa

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