Contradicting Governing Body Members

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  • Illuminated

    So we've heard from three different governing body members this year regarding child sexual abuse.

    The latest one on the RC admitted there's a sexual abuse problem within the cult, yet Lett and Morris swept the dirt under the carpet stating they have a great reputation as far as sex abuse is concerned, and pointed their fingers at "apostate lies".

    I'm left totally confused at the contradiction of this "organization".

  • InquiryMan
    I guess a youtube segment might turn up where these contradicting statements are shown
  • Heaven

    Only when backed into a corner will the leaders of the Borganization possibly admit to maybe having a slight responsibility. They are Teflon Men, they are psychopaths. They want it to be someone else's responsibility to clean up a mess. Their role is one of a higher calling - that of spiritual protection.

    Seriously. They are f'ed up.

    They want nothing to do with the dirty work of actually helping someone who has been damaged or abused or in trouble. Their answer is always completely useless.... Pray More + Wait on Jehovah and some shit scripture that is intended to shut someone up.

    My Dad's CO told him back in 2010... "The young ones are leaving in droves."

    Gee, I wonder why

  • Dumplin
    "All Along The Watchtower"

    "There must be some kind of way out of here, "
    Said the joker to the thief,
    "There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief."
  • Illuminated

    I agree Heaven. It's just amazing.

    I'm quite surprised the two contradicting videos weren't brought up in the Royal Commission. They've hopefully looked into it.

  • prologos

    Seriously. They are f'ed up.

    no, WE are fed up

    according to Geoffrey Jackson at the CR you can [privately] contradict a Governing Body Member, so why not publicly as they do?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Angus: "Mr. Jackson, wouldn't you say that elders are receiving contradicting instructions between what is stated in their manual and the testimony given to this commission."

    Geoff: "Not at all. I would say that any contradictions are because the government needs to write explicit laws telling the JW elders to call the police. The law needs to list every name of every elder that is obligated to call and list every possible action of an offender that would be considered "abuse". Otherwise, it's in the bible that elders cannot protect children from abuse unless two people have seen the abuse occur. So any confusion is YOUR fault."

  • CalebInFloroda

    In a way I found all the contradictions and lies as somewhat reassuring on a level I never expected.

    Mind you, I've not been anywhere near these people in about 20 years, and I had even ignored them until 2014 came around and I suddenly remembered that a JW told me that it would be impossible for Jehovah or Jesus to let this system of things last anywhere near 2014. I've known they lie and cheat and hate for some time.

    But hearing Jackson contradict what other Governing Body members had said about the sexual child abuse crimes in their midst and listening to him say how it would be "presumptuous" of them to claim what they have been claiming all this time, that they are Jehovah's mouthpiece and the only true religion--that did something further for me.

    I've lost all care about them as human beings. All respect, all concern, everything that is there inside of me for people I do not even know, all that disappeared and it was like the door finally closed on this chapter in my life--and again I thought the door was closed for me 20 years ago when I left!

    While the Catholic Church no longer considers itself the only conduit of truth, it still claims to be the original historical church body Jesus founded and the Pope still claims to be the Vicar of Christ. Hearing Jackson lie about what the Governing Body claims it is and contradicting statements of other Governing Body members would be like the Pope saying: "It would be preposterous for us to believe we are the historical church founded by Christ and for me to claim to be Christ's Vicar."

    I'm not a Christian as most of you know, but that would unwind everything about the Church and its claims for the past 2000 years, wouldn't it? And I don't think any pope is cowardly enough to back down from testifying to what they believe about themselves and their religion.

    To hear Jackson do that made me see him and the rest of the Governing Body and their followers as dead. Their religion is more than proven false now to me, it is finished. It's over. They are now just some crazy folks. They are as nutty as that Orthodox Jew who went through the gay pride parade in Israel several days back stabbing people because he believed it was G-d's will (for those who don't know, I'm both gay and a practicing Jew). These fanatical Jews who live as if time has stood still (or should stand still) are the JWs of Jewry, and we often sigh over them just like many do the JWs.

    What Jackson did was just like that. It was as if he went through a crowd of his own people, those who have believed in and have pride in every word the Governing Body teaches and stabbed them in the back. He did more than deny his faith, he denied those who have put so much faith in him and the Governing Body and the whole JW set-up. He stabbed all those people, his fellow Governing Body members, and then cut his throat in front of everybody with his "Us? The ones Jehovah speaks through? Preposterous!" comment.

    It was like there was one lone lamp left on in a hidden room in my attic, a lamp I had forgotten that spread a very weak and wasted light. And suddenly, with Jackson's words, the lamp went out--but it went out because the lamp managed to push itself off a table and smash its own lightbulb. Stupid lamp!

    I don't know how to really put it, but it's like they don't exist anymore. I know they do, but those people just don't matter anymore.

    To me they have proven themselves nothing but impotent.

  • Alive!

    Like you, something changed for me - hearing Jackson's incredible lie.

    Many times, I have stood alone over a difficult issue in relation to explaining some tricky part of JW practice and doctrine - trembling inside a little, I'd attempt a fearless 'witness'.

    I endangered relationships with non witness family and friends and looking back, I'm gobsmacked they still love me and don't hold my former bigoted stance against me.

    I delivered and pushed literature written by men who I now realise are beyond all trust - And ( as I have long since realised) the recipient had every right to thrust that trashy illustrated piece of manipulative garbage back in my face as they gently pointed out that it misquoted and lied. I actually tried to defend it - as my weak mind believed this came from 'Jehovah's mouthpiece'.

    Then we have Toole protest that he had no clear understanding of theocratic warfare.

    I was nobody in the scheme of JW things - in a small city congregation - and I KNOW we ALL understood the terms of theocratic warfare. I was baptised circa 1990. How despicable of this agent of God to beg ignorance as he was baptised after 1957, after the written piece put before him at the commission.

    How could he possibly miss 'understanding' this JW concept?

    It was globally understood.

    He lied. Didn't he?

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    "Apostate driven lies" was to fortify the sheeple against " attacks" from the ever growing apostates on the internet.

    Geoffrey Jackson agreeing there's a problem was to placate and patronize the RC and the viewing public.

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