Can Somebody here list All The Lies and Deceptions Given at the Royal Commission , By all the J.W.`s who Appeared ?

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  • smiddy

    I am just wondering if somebody { who has been following the Royal Commission in Australia can highlight all of the sleight of hand , deceptions , half truths , theocratic warfare tactics , misleading statements , untruths , omissions to the truth ,lying , feigned support for the victim , while not reporting her plight to the relevant authorities , etc.,etc.,} , can list these in one document , that would be a testament to anybody how culpable Jehovah`s Witnesses / WTB&TS are , in not protecting their own members , or members of the general public by not reporting such abuse to the relevant authorities ,when they had a duty to do so by law , not pertaining to mandatory reporting, but protecting the larger community .

    ( I wish I wasn`t so old and had greater computer skills.)


  • Kosonen

    Here are in 2 videos the entire questioning of br. Jackson from the GB.

    It is totally 3 hours. I watched it through all yesterday.

    It was quite boring. And Jacksons performing was not professional to my opinion. He tried several times not to answer questions directly, but the interrogators did not let him slipp a way from answering. That was irritating to me that he tried often to avoid to answer directly. Also the interrogators where little irritated on that. He was also confronted by scriptures that say that women should be silent in the congregation and scripture in proverbs about physical punishment of children and Jackson denied that it should be taken literally. The interrogators could not understand why you can't take those scriptures literally? I don't understand that either.

    The interrogators tried to make Jackson admit that the governing body requires total obedience of the branches and congregation, but Jackson tried to obscure that, instead he tried to make impression that the whole organization willingly follows their guidance.

    This must be very humiliating for the governing body, to have to give testimony themselves.

    l think this a part of fulfillment of the prophecy in Malachi 2: 9 :

    “So I will make you despised and low before all the people, because you did not keep my ways but showed partiality in applying the law.”

  • Sabin
    Would love to help you Smiddy but i dont have enough fingers & toes.

    GB decisions are made by majority vote and sometimes this doesn’t happen because 1 or 2 consciences won’t allow it, so they leave the matter do research and come back to the matter. Often they have been misguided in choices they have made for everyone, but everyone has to follow it .

    What about the consciences of the flock who can’t abide by certain decisions they have made. So their consciences are more important than the flock and the flock must abide by their consciences?

    Justice McClellan asked GJ how will go about protecting the child, he has no clue how the org will go about protecting the child and instead of saying, I haven’t the foggiest idea, he keeps saying that they have the solution. That's what happens when you claim you are infallible. You can’t just say” I don’t know.

  • Lehman

    Jackson said he'd not been following th the royal commision and hadn't read the survivors statements but sure knew what Toole and Spinks had said.

    He needed all those hidden helpers to find documents for him an d fill his water glass-makes me puke.

  • C0ntr013r
  • C0ntr013r

    Also many in the comment section of all the videos, playlist of the hearing:

    But they are all being compiled in the Reddit master thread, if you find anything that should be added just comment there and it will probably be added :)

  • joe134cd

    Vincent toole = theocratic warfare I've never heard the term.

    Terrance obrien= inactive ones will not be viewed negatively.

  • C0ntr013r
    Terrance obrien= inactive ones will not be viewed negatively.

    At what point in his testimony was this?

  • smiddy

    Thank you all for your input

    Sabin , I nearly choked on my beer with that comment


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