New Catholic tribunal formed

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  • OrphanCrow

    This happened in the month prior to the JWs giving testimony for the Royal Commission - the article was published June 10, 2015. It is interesting to note that this Catholic tribunal is for addressing those priests who cover up child abuse.

    Pope Francis makes Catholic bishops who cover up for paedophile priests accountable for first time with new tribunal system

    Pope Francis has taken a major step towards stamping out paedophilia in the Catholic Church, approving a new system of tribunals designed to make bishops accountable for the priests under them.
    The new and unprecedented Vatican legal mechanism will hear the cases against bishops accused of covering up paedophile priests who abuse children on their watch.
    The Church has previously faced criticism for failing to hold those in higher positions accountable for what goes on in their bishoprics.
    The Vatican said Pope Francis was presented with the tribunal proposals by Cardinal Sean O’Malley, who he appointed as head of a new sex abuse advisory commission in December 2013.
    Francis and his cardinal advisers approved the plans and allocated funding for full-time personnel to staff the new office.
    The Vatican spokesman, Rev Federico Lombardi, said this means there is now a specific process by which the Vatican can deal with bishops who are negligent in handling cases of abuse in their territories.
    Canon law already does provide sanctions for bishops who are negligent in their duties, but the Vatican has never been known to mete out punishment for a bishop who covered up for an abuser.
    Previously, the closest Francis had come was in April, when he accepted the resignation of a US bishop found to have failed to report a suspected child abuser. But campaign groups were critical at the time, saying this did not carry the same weight as a forced dismissal.
    A special new judicial section will be created inside the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith “to judge bishops with regard to crimes of the abuse of office when connected to the abuse of minors,” a Vatican statement said.
    Speaking to reporters, Lombardi said now, with these proposals, “the process is defined”.
  • Mephis


    Another recent one which comes to my mind are the Methodists here in Britain (nb: I'm not a Methodist, nor am I promoting their beliefs.)

    The UK's Methodist church (roughly 200,000 members currently) commissioned an independent inquiry into itself, looking back to 1950 and which took 3 years to complete. That found 1885 alleged abusers, 914 of whom were alleged sexual abusers. 503 of the cases were followed up by their own safeguarding team, 61 involved the police, and 6 were still being pursued by the police as of May this year.

    The secretary for the Methodist Conference had this to say when the report was published at the end of May this year:

    "On behalf of the Methodist Church in Britain I want to express an unreserved apology for the failure of its current and earlier processes fully to protect children, young people and adults from physical and sexual abuse inflicted by some ministers in Full Connexion and members of the Methodist Church. That abuse has been inflicted by some Methodists on children, young people and adults is and will remain a deep source of grief and shame to the Church.

    We have not always listened properly to those abused or cared for them, and this is deeply regrettable. In respect of these things we have, as a Christian Church, clearly failed to live in ways that glorify God and honour Christ.

    I am certain that the Methodist Conference will want to resolve to do all in its power to improve its systems to protect children, young people and adults from abuse within the life of the Church and on Church premises, and to review them diligently on a regular basis"

  • Vidiot

    I have no intention of ever becoming Catholic (or even religious, FTM), but nevertheless, I like Pope Francis.

    He's like the polar opposite of Benedict in almost every way (who, I might add, looked so much like Emperor Palpatine, it was freaky).

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Well so far it looks like the 'lics are ahead of the Org with the matter in question ...
  • Vidiot

    @ SecretSlave...

    The WTS - "We're submitting to the secular authorities and reforming our policies!"

    The RCC - "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. WTF took you so long?"

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    What are the chances of a public apology by the GB in print and on J W T V for the mishandling of abuse cases, and piss poor procedures? I'll answer that, almost nil.
  • umbertoecho
  • Vidiot
    Zip, zero, and zilch.
  • antes8080
    They will never apologize
  • Oubliette

    The Catholics are leading the way in taking care of a problem which they long mishandled.

    I'd say they are making the WT leadership look bad, but they have done that all by themselves.

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