What does it mean to be inactive??

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    Well, I sat through day 1 or the "Imitate Jesus" convention. They released the new brochure for inactive ones. While no TOMO-esque rants took place, it seems that the official policy is that "inactivity" merits the death sentence.

    TOMO, in all his glory, has said this twice. I have no access to the full WT CD-Libray right now, so I am wondering what being inactive means? Can we define the term with the WTBTS's own literature?

    I think it is important to know what it means. The Australian RC may also want to know. With that in mind, have you ever heard a concrete definition?


  • Lieu

    It means you don't go out in Field Service (knocking on doors, reporting said efforts on a Time Slip, etc) or you likely do not attend all the meetings.

    The world of JW is full of labels with double meanings.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    You are counted as inactive after 6 months of 0 hours in the field misery.
  • dubstepped
    Witness My Fury has it. I think you're irregular if you skip one month of reporting, inactive after 6 consecutive months.

    Ok. 6 months of zero service = death sentence. Got it.


  • Heaven
    If you handed that brochure to my Dad he wouldn't know what to do with it.
  • dubstepped
    Ok. 6 months of zero service = death sentence. Got it.

    Of course, as you must know by now, the ONLY activity that counts is driving around in a car wasting time and gas knocking on doors where nobody is home. Nothing else counts as activity. You can be good person that takes an interest in all of those in the congregation that nobody cares about, serve your community in any capacity with intensity for helping others, live an entirely moral life, be generous with your money, energy, and time in other ways, etc., but it doesn't "COUNT". You know, like on a time slip which is all that matters to them. If it can't be reported on that field service time slip, it doesn't matter. You don't matter. The only thing that matters is numbers in accordance with the guidelines they set up for what counts and what doesn't. Life is really only for those that perform up to their narrow standards of what really matters.

  • Quarterback
    You are called "Irregular" if you miss up to six months of Field Service, We don't have a brochure for that yet. But it looks like the definition of "Inactive" is about to get new light. It is my theory that DF, and DA ones are going to be absorbed into that word.
  • OnTheWayOut
    If being "inactive" and attending no meetings led to being automatically disassociated, I would go to the kingdom hall in my best t-shirt and shorts with sandals about once every 5 months (don't want to slip and let it get to 6 and they say that's close enough) and arrive late in the Sunday talk, sit in the front, and during the Watchtower meeting go to the back and say "Who should I turn in this time slip (1 hour) to for this month?"
  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    This is just another man-made rule, and an extension of the theme "Salvation by Report Card"

    i.e. the sole measure of a person's worth is that column on the Monthly Field Service slip that is entitled "Hours".

    You will definitely not find any reference in the Bible to the term "Inactive" meaning having not reported any Field Service Time for six consecutive months,that is for sure!


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