Watchtower Idiot

by Vidiot 7 Replies latest social humour

  • Vidiot

    Don’t wanna be a Watchtower idiot.
    Don’t wanna be some door-knocking dipshit.
    Can you imagine the things that they go through?
    Public embarrassment trying to convert you.

    But now the times, they seem to be changing,
    Loyalty oaths and doctrine-rearranging,
    Debit machines and refurbished Kingdom Halls…
    Real estate and investment speculation,
    PSAs about deaf masturbation,
    Barely recognize it at all!


    Don’t wanna check out the shiny new website,
    Don’t need to hear a homophobic soundbite,
    Rhetoric that justitfies the shun gun,
    Propaganda, or cheezy animation.

    Underneath they’re still shallow and shoddy,
    Idolizing the Governing Body,
    Convinced that they’re still better than the rest…
    Forget the suicidal depression,
    Or all the profits from “bloodless” medicine,
    Just listen, obey, and be blessed!


    In the end, what goes around comes around,
    It’s all exposed as a pedophile playground,
    And when they’re busted for cover-ups and lying,
    I wouldn’t wanna be them for anything.

    Coming down to the end of the page,
    All thanks to the Information Age,
    Public humiliation, one and all….
    It’s gotta be the Great Tribulation,
    So head to Warwick for permanent vacation,
    Either way, the writing’s on the wall!

  • Vidiot
    Kudos to the first person who can figure out which song this is based on.
  • FayeDunaway
    It's too easy, I'll leave it for someone else. Good job vidiot.
  • done4good

    Yes, too easy and one of my favorite all time albums. Nice work!


  • brandnew
    I dunno if its warwick, or walkhill....but one of em has a real security tower.....really.
  • hoser
    Now to convince billy joe Armstrong to sing it for us
  • Vidiot

    Yeah, I guess it was kind of obvious.


    In retrospect, I'd slightly change one line...

    ...from "I wouldn’t wanna be them for anything" to "I wouldn’t be a Watchtower idiot for anything", just to tie the end with the beginning a little bit better.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "The scene of the world is changing"

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