Why don't they just lie about the numbers?

by Sour Grapes 11 Replies latest jw friends


    'lying for the TRUTH'

    kinda says all that you need to know.

  • steve2

    At a headquarters level, why lie about the stats from different countries (say to hide decline)? Officials in the home countries who send the stats to headquarters would know that those stats were being altered for publication in the Yearbook and the organization would risk fallout with such blatant dishonesty.

    Besides, by and large, decline in numbers of publishers, with a few notable exceptions such as Japan and some Scandanavian countries, has not occurred over several consecutive years.

    For example in countries like Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand it would be more accurate to say that growth has slowed down with periodic zero or negative growth in publisher numbers. But overall there is growth - albeit at a much slower rate than previously. It's the same with numbers baptized worldwide: During the 1990s they hovered around the high 300,000s while over more recent years they have dipped below 300,000 with occasional over 300,000. But the overall trend is unmistakable: Slowing down.

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