The Watchtower Corporation says that they have the highest form of righteous spirituality for humanity them alone ....Really ?

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  • Finkelstein

    The WTS for the longest time has been making a claim that their organization is the truest and purest form of spirituality toward god, yet throughout those years, decades and now century, the WTS has been notably corrupt, devious and maligning in its expressed doctrines. Most of that has obviously has come from the earnest endeavor to proliferate the literature the organization printed and published themselves.

    In spite of that fact people seem to be afraid to question this opposing affirmation and just let it all pass irregardless.

    One of things that eventually woke myself up years ago was the acknowledgment that the WTS was being untruthful and devious in making up the 1975 doctrine. The 6000 years dating calculation of mankind's existence was actually used 60 years previously by the WTS. leader C T Russell.

    The game of power is so alluring for some men they dismiss this corruption and intellectual dishonesty because they seek their own personal stature and position within the power structure of organization and lies and ignorance be dammed.......I guess.

  • Diogenesister
    Couldn't agree more. OBrien and Spinks are company men all the way. I guess their reasoning is, well, at least we are not working for I G Farben..or the company that made agent orange or Bratz dolls 😜 etc etc It could be worse..couldn't it????!!!

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