Revenge, should I or shouldn't I.............

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  • Tinkerbell4125

    Ever heard the ol saying, the more you stir shit, the worse it smells.

    Just something to think about!

  • thegentleman

    There would be no real point to "getting revenge" by going to the KH and talking to one of the Elders. Believe me , I'm in a similiar situation. I'm not a JW but meet a JW(she's 25, I'm 29) on the train. She's been a JW for about 9 years but every relationship she has been in has been with a "worldly person". She told me about all the "relationships" with men she has been in , and it is been quite frequent since she was 20. She would live two lives. One at home where she was a "practicing" JW and then when she went to work she would let loose. I'm like the fourth guy she's been "in love" with. She has more "worldly experience" than I do, and she's the JW!! UNREAL !! She has never brought any of these men home because she wanted the best of both worlds. Then when she finally brought me home all heck broke loose. The family went to the elders and it was a big mess. I told her that I would go to the elders myself and talk to them and show my face to see the man I am. She got "reproved" and was told to cease all contact with me. Yeah right , she didnt. Lying right in the face to an elder that you're supposed to go to for "guidance". Needless to say, I went to meetings and the memorial to find out and see what this is all about. I see a ton of hypocritical stances and you're not allowed to question anything. I guess I'll make a bad JW then. On top of that she drinks a lot and goes to "happy hour " after work. Of course she comes home in time so no one suspects anything. Everything is always done behind the scenes, after work , taking days off from work. I know all of this, I was there. After all this, she's now running around with yet another "worldly man" from her office , and keeping it a secret. It's been a pattern for years and years, and I'm the bad guy who vowed to stick by her through thick and thin. I felt like going to the Kingdom Hall because its a whole lot of BS what is going on. But I figure hey she's only setting herself up for the big fall and one day sooner or later it'll all be exposed on its own. Plus, she'll never have a man who loves her more than . It might be cornball, but you or I are not the ones who lose out, it is them who lose out. She is losing out on a man who's willing to put everything on the line by standing beside her while all her "friends" disassociate themselves from her if she is ever disfellowshipped. She needs to wake up and realize who her real friends are. Maybe one day she will. Holla if you hear me..

  • Farkel


    : Sometimes I think about finding out which KH he goes to and showing up there and ratting him out to someone in the congregation or something (with the things we've done, I know they'll be interested to know more

    Don't stoop to their level and rat him out. Your best revenge will be your happiness and peace-of-mind.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Let it go. If you go after him it will only cause you more trouble and heartache. I believe in the idea that you receive what you send out. You should focus instead on healing yourself and getting rid of your anger and bitterness.

    "If you plot revenge you would be better off digging two graves." -- old proverb

  • Delite2k

    thegentleman: dang, I feel the same way 'bout this guy just as u do your friend. I love him and will do anything for him and i'll be there for him........have been there for him, when no one else was. So yeah it is their loss because we will heal, it takes time but it'll happen. I just don't like the feeling of heartbreak, ya know? I hope things get better with you and your friend.

    Tinkerbell4125: LOL!!! That is funny, but I do understand what you're saying.

    Farkel: Thats what i'm trying to do....find peace of mind.

    Big Tex: I am so bitter now, I wouldn't know where to begin. People have told me that me being happy and things is the best revenge, but how can I do that?


    If you really want revenge, try just getting on with your life and finding a little happiness and contentment, minus the asshole! None of us can change that which has already happened and the longer we hang on to it or wallow in it the less time we've got for something better in our lives. It's not easy, but try your best to let it go. Carrying a grudge is kind of like carrying a dead armadillo on a rope around your neck. At first it gets a lot of attention and makes for interesting conversation, but the longer you wear it the worse it stinks and the less people want to be around you, until finally, your the only one suffering from the stench and the armadillo sure as hell ain't getting any better!

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