Is it TRUE...??????

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  • Casper

    I walked away from the Org. 3 years ago, as I have said in
    several threads around here.... So, I am not up on the "New
    Light" stuff...

    But, I was told recently that JW's can now :

    have organ transplants
    have oral sex..!!!

    Anything else..?? Why the changes...AND.. if they can
    lighten up on such major matters, Then why in the "HELL"
    couldn't I wear my Tennis Shoes, from the car to my seat
    at the Convention...!!!!!!!!!!! Where I discreetly put
    on my "proverbial Meeting shoes...It was such a Federal
    Case.... Elders fainting everywhere, It still makes me
    shake all over......LOL

    Working thru the mess,


  • stephenw20

    From the version of Jesus and the woman who was being accused of fornicating...these people looking down on you are SINNERS............ these who judge you are SINNERS.............

    these who make all these rules ARE SINNERS

    so then dont give away your power...let them take a chill pill and cool out..........

    if YOUR beliefs support sneakers........... go girl!

  • JanH


    have organ transplants

    This has been true since 1980!

    have oral sex..!!!

    Nope. But since 1983 there has been a "don't ask don't tell" policy.

    - Jan
    "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate." - Occam

  • mommy

    I just got a visual of the people in downtown working, dressed to the tee and wearing NikesOh sometimes I miss the big city I have forsaken to live in the middle of nowher
    I know there is a woman on this board who was privatly reproved for voting, but now it is ok. I suggested she take that article back and ask the elders to explain it. I would just love it if it was me. The voting article is in QFR November 1999 you can see it at Simon's site I know the voting article is on it.
    There are so many sites out there now. There are alot of interesting posts made here as well concerning the wtbts, and deciet. SO read, read, read, and enjoy...personally I was ill for awhile when I heard of this new light.

  • joelbear

    I have never had oral sex while voting but I have voted on the quality of oral sex.

    Isn't oral sex according to some understanding an organ transplant?

    inquiring minds, etc etc.


  • claudia

    [email protected] Ok Joel, just make sure the little curtain/door is closed.

  • trevor

    Yeah Casper,

    It's ok! to have oral sex. The trouble is that the elders idea of oral
    sex is to talk about it. Usually to a young sister who sits before them
    on a commitee and gives all the details of her enconter to them

  • Casper

    Thanks for the Replies....!!!!! I'm still laughing at some.

    Guess I was brain dead on some of the new issues...1980's
    on some of this stuff...????? Where was I..?? More
    importantly did "I" even exist. (r2d2)

    Thanks Mommy for the info on voting...will look it up..
    and mull it over....LOL.

    As for my shoes...their "counseling"...set example, could
    look in bad taste, what some other religions do alot..
    BLAAAAAAAAH...blah, blah. They were new..!!! didn't
    that count for something..

    Yes, at Least keep the "Curtain" closed....hahhaa


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