Regarding not being viewed negatively when one fades.. An experiment?

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  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    In Joe134cd's recent thread, he mentioned the myth that apparently one should be able to fade or become inactive without repercussions from the community.

    He mentioned about the 'dropping-you-like-a-hot-potato' phenomenon from social media sites, even when you've not told anybody why you're not coming any more.

    I propose that it may be good to record such a phenomenon when it occurs so that this lie can be readily rebuffed. I'm not out yet, but when I do, I shall be only to willing to record the response on social media sites. Once a few of these videos are out there, it's evidence of sorts that can be referred to if this issue comes up again...

    Flaws? (I'm sure there are plenty, it's just a thought..)

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    A successful fade includes dropping any active or fringe JWs like a hot potato from social media. Otherwise your fade turns into a witch hunt.
  • dubstepped

    The only flaw I see is that the only people that will care is us who try to fade. JW's don't care about proof of anything negative about them. They will turn a blind eye, make excuses like it was only those handful of times, etc. Seems like an exercise in futility, unless you're trying to prove it to someone specific that you think will listen.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am not quite sure what the point here is, nor what Joe134cd was saying, as I tried to find his comments but did not.

    But anywho, if you fade, you can't control the gossip. You need to avoid JW's altogether on social media. If you have JW family on Facebook, you can have a generic site with photos and ordinary stuff. If you need an ex-JW life, you will have to have a fake name just like JWN.

    And forget your JW friends. Drop them or they drop you. Fading is for keeping family.

  • RichardHaley
    And forget your JW friends. Drop them or they drop you. Fading is for keeping family.
    10-4 that!
  • Splash

    If they don't drop you they will hassle you to come back.

    Better they cut and run.

  • ToesUp
    Drop all the JW's before they drop you. I call it reverse shunning.
  • carla

    Recording the bad behavior of jw's is always a good thing! Will it make any difference to a jw? no, naturally they will not look at it nor believe it.

    What is does do- helps keep people from joining in the first place! When non jw's who may have the slightest interest Google jw's and find all this negative information about the jw's they quickly dismiss this org as an option in their own personal spiritual quest.

    It gives credence to those of us who try tell others about the jw's when we are not/never been one ourselves. People often do not believe the stories we can tell from the boards, personal emails, books, etc.... when we can say, 'don't believe me look it up yourself' and there is a glut of negative pr from actual former members it gives much more weight to what we may have said.

    My thanks again to all ex jw's who have told their story here, elsewhere and had the courage to go public or to the courts with their stories.

  • ToesUp

    Carla is 100% correct. In the long run all the negative comments and articles is what will make an impact on those contemplating becoming a JW. Also, the ones who have had doubts will also go on the internet.

    Before we started searching. We never knew all the details regarding what happened in Mexico/Malawi or knew nothing about the UN thing.

    Sometimes we post on here thinking, what good will it do? BUT on posts or comments, on this board or others, may help just ONE person not get wrapped up in the JW craziness will be worth all the time and effort!

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